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  • build a keyword strategy
  • create and promote content
  • engage in social media
  • convert site traffic into leads
  • nurture leads with email marketing
  • analyze and improve strategies

Increase leads. Grow your sales.

Our internet marketing strategies help your business through more website traffic, higher conversion rates and better leads.

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Online Marketing & Communications

Canopy Media specializes in online marketing and communications that works. Our online marketing programs stem from one single goal – to impact our clients where it matters the most – the bottom line. After all, isn’t that the point?

… That Works

Our websites that work look great, perform well, drive traffic, encourage engagement, and increase leads over time. Most importantly, they perform these functions with a greater ROI than any other marketing channel. We can help your business get online, get control, get found, get traffic and get leads no matter what stage your online marketing program is at.

… And The Metrics To Prove It

Canopy Media utilizes a wide variety of strategies to accomplish your goals. Our monthly marketing programs increase traffic, leads and sales through website design, graphic design, search engine optimization, content creation, blog creation, social media management, and conversion rate testing. All of our services come with the monthly metrics and reporting to prove that what we’re doing is making an impact.