5 Best Marketing Books You Need to Read to Succeed in 2017

5 Best Marketing Books You Need to Read to Succeed in 2017

“No matter how busy you may think you are, you must find time for reading, or surrender yourself to self-chosen ignorance.” – Confucius

In the digital world, we create as much content every twelve months as was created in all of history leading up to it. As a wise man once said, “to the writing of books, there is no end” but how do you know the best marketing books from those that are nothing more than a poor imitation of what’s already been said? We’ve taken some time to come up with a few, some of them are among the best marketing books of all time, while some are brand new.

To get the best, go straight to the source.

How to Win Friends and Influence People– Dale Carnegie

If you plan on having a career that includes marketing and have not already read this classic, get it today! In addition to some of the best sales techniques ever created, Mr. Carnegie also shares some solid life advice about how to be a better person. It is his point of view that what makes you a decent human being is also what makes you great in business and leads to success in life.

  • Learn the value of having a genuine interest in the success of others.
  • Find out what being a great listener can do for your career and relationships.
  • Study some of the most successful people in history as Carnegie unearths their secrets.

This book has been copied more times than just about any other. Dale Carnegie wrote some of the best marketing books of all time.. It is the pattern for such inspirational greats as John Maxwell and other leaders in sales training and motivation. Skip straight past the modern imitations and go straight to the source for a read that will change your business and your life.

Another of the books that started it all.

Think and Grow Rich– Napoleon Hill

If you have ever read a business success book based on developing the right mindset, odds are, you’ve read some of Hill’s ideas. Following on the heels of the “New Thought Movement” Hill taught that all success begins first in the mind. His methods for creatively establishing goals and setting yourself on the road to success are visionary.

  • Hill shares the “Mastermind Group” concept for the first time.
  • Follow Hill’s assessment of over 40 millionaires and the habits that made them successful.
  • Learn how having a mindset of success can propel you to where you want to go.

This book is the original “edge” for success in business. It has laid the foundation for the best marketing books for almost a century. Countless marketers and entrepreneurs have credited this book with helping them get their start on the road to success.

Applying timeless principles to modern markets.

The Advertising Solution– Craig Simpson and Brian Kurtz

While the methods have changed through the years, people remain the same. From the origins of the advertising business to today, the principles remain the same. Learn how to find what your clients want and how you can meet those needs to create customer loyalty.

  • Study classic principles of advertising from the original masters.
  • Learn how these ideas still apply to modern audiences.
  • See Simpson and Kurtz apply these techniques to today’s ever changing digital markets.

The best new marketing books will always play on solid principles that have been studied and established through decades of research and practice. This book can help you go back to the basics in a new way that will catapult your advertising to a new level.

Learn the art of the headline.

Tested Advertising Methods– John Caples

In digital marketing, content is king, and the headline is the gate to that kingdom. Without a well written headline, your content is useless, since most will never read it. John Caples was a master of headlines, starting with the legendary, “They Laughed When I Sat Down at the Piano, but When I Started to Play-” that set the standard for headline writing.

  • Study Caple’s tested methods for writing more powerful headlines.
  • Increase the power of your selling copy.
  • Designing ads that will attract more attention.

This book is like a master class with an expert in persuasive writing and advertising that will revolutionize your copy writing. Winning headlines equal winning copy and this book can help you develop a winning style. Even the best book on marketing might not sell without a good title.

Ordinary is not successful.

Be Obsessed, or Be Average– Grant Cardone

Cardone has done something that not many writers can do. He has created a great sales guide that stands just as well as a motivational book. He writes about the willingness to be great, in such a way that it sets you apart from everyone else. In this state, he teaches, you are capable of bringing others along with you. Instead of the self-centered approach you might expect, Cardone shows how being your best at any cost gives you the power to help those around you achieve more as well.

  • Learn how hyperfocus and determination can play in your favor.
  • Move past being apologetic for pursuing your dreams to the exclusion of other things.
  • See how your passion can attract the talent and resources you need to achieve your dreams.

Shed your inhibitions and pursue your dreams with abandon in a way you may have been afraid to conceive of before. The world needs those who are at their best to lead and build extraordinary things that take us beyond where we’ve been. This may be the best book on marketing for 2017.