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Backlinks: More Web Traffic and Authority

Generating more traffic for your online business is incredibly important if you want to increase your sales or online influence. And there are more ways to get online attention than you can count on both hands and feet.

On-page and off-page optimization, using the social medias and simply producing well written and useful content are some of the best ways to gather results, customers and sales.

Some of these online tactics gain you traffic, others collect you more web authority which places your site higher in search results, which in turn gains you even more traffic. But there’s one process that builds the flow of inbound traffic to your site while simultaneously adding authority to your Internet business.

Backlinking, pure and simple.

What is a Backlink?

Everyone who’s ever used the Internet has clicked through from one piece of online content to another page and each time they made that ‘jump’ they used some form of link. These links are small bits of code language that Internet browsers interpret as portals that lead elsewhere online. Click that link and you’ll travel to the assigned website.

Links that lead back to your website are called backlinks. Pretty straight forward really.

As mentioned before, these backlinks can do two things for you.

1) Send you more web traffic (potential customers)
2) Increase your website’s authority (which translates to higher SERP rankings).

Unfortunately these backlinks don’t always happen all by themselves. You’ve got to shake a few hands and meet the right people to get the ball rolling.

Building Traffic and Authority Through Backlinking

Every single link you finagle, barter, coax and collect will increase your web traffic. But not every link will gather you additional authority. This is the difference between no-follow and do-follow backlinks.

No-follow backlinks are good for more traffic, but that’s it.

Do-follow links are harder to collect but they’ll get you authority in varying amounts, depending on which websites are linking to you. Finding websites that use do-follow links can be a challenge.

Fortunately there are a load of tools that can help you locate blogs and websites that use do-follow links. Using specialized queries in Google searches is one option while many others opt for browser plug-ins and extensions that highlight do-follow and no-follow links in different colours, making it easy for you to pick and choose.

*Note: Remember that each browser works a little differently. Some browser extensions work for only one browser while others are cross-compatible. Try and find the solution that works best for you.*

How to Build Backlinks

Now that we know how to track down the right websites for backlinks, its time to start building both traffic and authority. The only thing left is to contact the right people or comment in the right place to gain some nice juicy backlinks. Here’s a list of the best methods:

Do-follow comments streams: Some comments streams on blogs and websites are actually do-follow. Any comment you make gets looked over by Google bots every time they visit that web page. Drop a link and some useful keywords and bingo! You’ve got yourself a healthy do-follow backlink.

Direct Communication: Backlinks aren’t always as easy as dropping a comment. You can get right into the body content of a web page if you contact a decision-maker directly. Simply craft your message explaining who you are and what you’re after. If you can make the process benefit both sides you’ll have more success. Sometimes a thank you via Twitter is all it takes.

Guest Writing: One of the best ways to offer something of value while getting do-follow backlinks in return is by writing guest material. The recipient website gets a free piece of content to post online while all the backlinks in your post and the backlinks remain intact. This takes more time and effort but has some of the biggest returns.

Do-follow Forums and Message Boards: Similar to do-follow comments streams, there are also do-follow forums and message boards online. Any content you add becomes part of the content searched by Google bots on a regular basis. Beyond the added authority you can direct traffic from a conversation related to your business if you find the right forums. That means even more traffic and that’s never a bad thing.

There’s more ways to build backlinks than we’ve listed here. Now it’s your turn. What’s the best ways to build do-follow backlinks?

If you haven’t started backlinking then do your website a favour and start building some web authority today!

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