How Much Is A New Patient Worth To You?

Are you curious to discover how much a new patient is worth to your practice? 

Have you ever wondered how much a patient will spend on dental products and services while they’re your patient? 

We’ve prepared a Patient Lifetime Value Calculator for you. It will help you understand what a new patient is worth to you – on average. 

It won’t take more than 5 minutes. Input a few details and our calculator will give you the answer.

Calculate Your Patient Lifetime Value

Once you know what a new patient is worth to your practice, it gets much easier to figure out how much you should spend on marketing to get new patients!

If you know what a new patient is worth and you know exactly how much it costs to get a new patient, you can calculate Marketing Return On Investment (MROI).

Marketing ROI is a valuable measure of the productivity of marketing. It can show you exactly what you get from the marketing you do.

For most dental practices, if you spend a dollar on marketing, you should earn $20 or more in real revenue per dollar you spend – or much more.

Want to know how we know this? We’ve done this many times for our dental clients.

Not all patients have the same value to you. Some only need cleanings. Some need cleanings and orthodontic work. But somewhere in the middle of all of those numbers is an average of what those patients are worth to you per visit. Take your best guess. Or, use your dental patient software to calculate the actual value. Enter that number below.

Not happy with your marketing results?

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