How Much Is A New Patient Worth To You?

Are you curious to discover how much a new patient is worth to your practice? 

Have you ever wondered how much a patient will spend on dental products and services while they’re your patient? 

We’ve prepared a Patient Lifetime Value Calculator for you. It will help you understand what a new patient is worth to you – on average. 

It won’t take more than 5 minutes. Input a few details and our calculator will give you the answer.

Calculate Your Patient Lifetime Value

Once you know what a new patient is worth to your practice, it gets much easier to figure out how much you should spend on marketing to get new patients!

If you know what a new patient is worth and you know exactly how much it costs to get a new patient, you can calculate Marketing Return On Investment (MROI).

Marketing ROI is a valuable measure of the productivity of marketing. It can show you exactly what you get from the marketing you do.

For most dental practices, if you spend a dollar on marketing, you should earn $20 or more in real revenue per dollar you spend – or much more.

Want to know how we know this? We’ve done this many times for our dental clients.


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