Collingwood “Digital Marketing For Your Business” Workshop – June 19

* this press release prepared by Digital Marketing Consultant Kai Hulshof & Library Technology Coordinator Claire Reyes for the Collingwood Public Library For immediate release Digital Marketing For Your Business Collingwood, ON (May 25, 2017) – SEO, analytics, reMarketing, citations and online reviews. What do these words mean? How can knowing more about these topics… Continue reading →

customer retention strategies

4 Customer Retention Strategies Any Business Can Use

One of the major factors in choosing any marketing strategy should be the cost of customer acquisition. While common knowledge shows that new customers are 4 to 8 times more costly to acquire than existing customers are to retain, only 30-40% of business focus on retention at least as much as new customer acquisition. On… Continue reading →

7 Places to advertise your business

7 Places to Advertise Your Business Online

*One of our clients uses Our Kids Private School and Summer Camp marketing to promote their therapeutic boarding school around the world. We attended a webinar they offered, and this slide about places to advertise your business really captured our attention. We wrote this blog post based on it. When it comes to building an online presence, the… Continue reading →

online marketing basics

Online marketing basics – Get Online already!

Do you have a website? In business it’s pretty much a foregone conclusion that you need a website to run a successful venture in the long-term. Unfortunately some businesses don’t even attempt at a web presence and their sales suffer as a result. Getting placed on business directories and local websites such as government and… Continue reading →

bad customer service

Losing Sales: 3 Bad Customer Service Stories

Getting leads isn’t easy. Unfortunately, losing leads is incredibly simple. After connecting with a potential customer, you have to ‘serve’ their needs quickly and efficiently or you lose the sale, especially online. Canopy Media works hard to provide great service, but sometimes we’re on the other side of the transaction. In the last couple of… Continue reading →