Best Dental Marketing Ideas Illustration

The Best Dental Marketing Ideas You Can’t Afford To Ignore

For your dental practice to survive and thrive, you need new patients – and this list of some tried-and-true best dental marketing ideas 😉 Lack of growth and low patient counts are the most common reason that dental practices end up failing. Sadly, it usually has nothing to do with the ability of the dentist….

Collingwood “Digital Marketing For Your Business” Workshop – June 19

* this press release prepared by Digital Marketing Consultant Kai Hulshof & Library Technology Coordinator Claire Reyes for the Collingwood Public Library For immediate release Digital Marketing For Your Business Collingwood, ON (May 25, 2017) – SEO, analytics, reMarketing, citations and online reviews. What do these words mean? How can knowing more about these topics…

Email Marketing Campaign

Starting Your First Email Marketing Campaign

Online marketing is an ever-changing exercise for businesses. Social Media, SEO, WPO, and content marketing are all excellent inbound marketing methods to increase traffic and awareness online. In the real world marketers use sales calls and door-to-door pitches to try and connect directly with a potential customer. They are out there trying to find their…


Show & Tell: Using Product Videos to Increase Sales

Running an Internet business and making regular online sales can be difficult. In person or on a sales floor you have the chance to engage your customer and speak directly to their needs, describing the features and functions of your products and services as you go. Seeing a product or service in action let’s the…