Best Dental Marketing Ideas Illustration

The Best Dental Marketing Ideas You Can’t Afford To Ignore

For your dental practice to survive and thrive, you need new patients – and this list of some tried-and-true best dental marketing ideas 😉 Lack of growth and low patient counts are the most common reason that dental practices end up failing. Sadly, it usually has nothing to do with the ability of the dentist….

Final 3 key Google ranking tips

Final 3 Key Factors in Our Series of Google Ranking Tips

In part two of our Google ranking tips series we discussed how the content on your website can effect your search engine rankings. In this post, we’ll review how to leverage social media, mobile accessibility and page speed to help your business get more than it’s fair share of the Search Engine Ranking Page (SERP). 7….

are business directories still relevant

Tough Question: Are Business Directories Still Relevant?

With all of the changes that have taken place in search algorithms and social media ranking protocols in the last few years, some time-tested methods for developing web traffic have come into question. One of those is business directories. Are they still valuable? We think the answer is yes, with some caveats. Here are some…

Image SEO improves rankings

Image SEO: 6 Must-Do Steps to Help Boost Rankings

Unless you are brand new to content marketing, you probably already understand the power of images. Not only do they make your website content and blog posts more beautiful, but posts and links featuring pictures are more frequently read, shared, and commented on. Here’s how you can leverage the rankings boost image SEO can provide. It…

What is Keyword Prominence?

Bad lead, No read: Keyword prominence Implementing this one strategy – keyword prominence – can mean the difference of whether or not your website is found over the millions of others being searched. It’s not a massive factor in search engine rankings, but it’s vital. And the concept is one you’re already familiar with; it’s…

high quality backlinks

High Quality Backlinks: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Backlinks are links that come in from other websites to promote your site or blog. They can also be called referrers or do-follow links and inbound links. Attracting high quality backlinks is critical for two reasons. First because they  gauge the scope of respect and eminence you have earned over the internet,  second  because these…