5-Step Roadmap to Cultivating and Maintaining Your Online Reputation

5-Step Roadmap to Cultivating and Maintaining Your Online Reputation

As our economy becomes increasingly digital and global, online reputation will grow in importance. One bad review may not be the end of your business, but echoed across the blogosphere, it can mean lost business and the need to rebuild customer relationships to prevent further damage. By instituting an ongoing program of reputation management, you… Continue reading →

Social Media Automation

Getting Started With Social Media Automation

Social media is to content marketing what networks are to broadcast television. Without networks, nobody is getting anywhere. Through social media, we are able to access our connections and their connections and, eventually, their connection’s connections as our content gets shared. If your shared content gets to 6 degrees of separation and your content goes worldwide… Continue reading →

The Advantages Of Facebook Ads

This arrived in our inbox this morning. It’s worth sharing. It outlines the basic benefits of Facebook Ads (full disclaimer, it’s directly from Facebook). We still think it’s worth sharing. We’re not the only ones who believe in the effectiveness of Facebook Ads right now. As Neil Patel states in his October 2016 post, “Without a doubt,… Continue reading →

social media solutions

Respond to Your Customers: Automate Your Social Media Solutions

Managing one social media account, let alone many, is time consuming but incredibly valuable for your small or growing business. Logging man-hour after man-hour into those accounts can all go to waste if you don’t do one simple thing on a daily basis. Respond to your customers questions and interact with them directly. Canopy Media… Continue reading →

smo tools and smo techniques

SMO Tools: How To Use SMO Techniques

You’re a social media jetsetter, eh? Every day you fly around the web, sharing your smiling mug and clever sense of humour with all your Facebook friends, LinkedIn contacts and favourite Tweeps — all while blogging about it. You get around. You know how important it is to have a full suitcase of essentials to… Continue reading →