First On Scene Website Preview

Client Profile – First On Scene

Every emergency service personnel needs medical first responder training. With limited time, it can be tough to find a course that doesn’t interfere with a job or education. Fortunately, First On Scene Medical Consultants offer a large number of medical first responder courses to ensure emergency service workers can get the right training on their own schedule.

First On Scene

First On Scene Medical Consultants, based in Wooler, Ontario, just outside Belleville is a premier first responders teaching centre. The centre is one of the leading teaching facilities in Ontario, it provides its students with the knowledge and skills to save lives in often extreme circumstances.

First On Scene Medical Consultant’s courses include:

  • Emergency Medical Responder
  • First Responder
  • Oxygen Administration
  • Standard First Aid
  • Babysitting

The Canopy Media Solution

First On Scene Medical Consultants already had a website when they approached us to help them get control of their website and increase their reach online. Their existing website didn’t allow for self-editing which made keeping content up-to-date difficult. This also meant that content was lacking. The knowledge was there, but the ability to get it out there was not.

Helping an organization which, in turn, helps small and growing businesses was an exciting challenge for us. We analyzed their existing website and online assets and made an action plan that would work for both First On Scene Medical Consultants and their potential clients.

The plan

  • Get control of their online presence with a custom-designed WordPress Content Management System
  • Re-structure the website to make it easy for users to find information about courses
  • Increase the volume of content and display it in a way easy for users to absorb
  • Set them up with an action plan to grow their content over time with regular blog posts

The Results

By making valuable information easily available through a new and improved menu structure Canopy Media increased the usability of First On Scene Medical Consultant’s site and increased the reach of the information online so more people could easily find it when surfing the web.

The First On Scene Medical Consultant’s staff can now easily edit existing content and draft new material from scratch without the constant need for an outsourced web developer to update their information for them.

We’ve set First On Scene Medical Consultants up for success so they can focus on training first responders, and not the visibility, condition or usability of their website.