Client Profile – Georgian Bay Wet Cleaners

Everyone has items of clothing which require dry cleaning, unfortunately the chemicals used in the process are not good for anyone, the staff carrying out the cleaning, or you the garment owner and wearer. This is where Georgian Bay Wet Cleaners come in, their process allows for dry clean only items to be cleaned and washed without the carcinogenic chemicals, while perfectly preserving the finish and size of the garment.

Georgian Bay Wet Cleaners have 6 locations in the Georgian Bay area, their services include:

  • Wet Cleaning
  • Clothing Laundering
  • Alterations & Tailoring
  • Wedding Gown Preservation
  • Wash & Fold
  • Suede & Leather cleaning
  • Sports Equipment Cleaning
  • Linens & Bedding Cleaning

The Canopy Media Solution

Georgian Bay Wet Cleaners came to us needing a website, hosting and a reliable email service. Canopy Media were able to provide all 3. Through the website Georgian Bay Wet Cleaners were looking to create a simple to use, easy to navigate online presence. They also wanted to be able to add and edit content to better inform potential clients of the benefits of wet cleaning and inform people of new and existing locations.

After considering Georgian Bay Wet Cleaners’ goals we created an action plan which we believed would work best for them.

The plan

  • Design a simple, clear website with the WordPress Content Management System
  • Structure the website to make it easy for users to find information about services and locations
  • Complement easy to understand descriptions with great photography of the various locations and services
  • Set them up with workflow to edit and grow their content over time

The Results

By making valuable information easily available through a new and improved menu structure Canopy Media set the benchmark high for the usability and design of Georgian Bay Wet Cleaners’ site and increased the reach of the information online so more people could easily find it when surfing the web.

The Georgian Bay Wet Cleaners’ staff can now easily edit existing content and draft new material from scratch without the constant need for an outsourced web developer to update their information for them.

We’ve set Georgian Bay Wet Cleaners up for online success so they can focus on their clients, and not the visibility, condition or usability of their website.