Client Profile – Susan Corey

Susan Corey’s book, The Never Ending Quest is an incredible, well-researched novel exploring the causes and effects of climate change, and the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. Producing a website for a book launch is something Canopy Media had not tackled before. However, this project gave us an opportunity to use some more creative elements we typically wouldn’t be able to use on a business website. Like many other projects, the key to success here was conveying information in a way which is easy to read and visually appealing to the user. is a central location for detailed information about the author Susan Corey, and her book; The Never Ending Quest.

Susan Corey

Raised in Lambeth, now part of London Ontario, Canada; Susan went to London South Collegiate and the University of Western Ontario. Here she received her Honours Biology degree in 1963. During the summers and studying for her B.Sc., she worked as a technician at the then Federal Fisheries Research Board Station in St. Andrews, New Brunswick. She then went to Glasgow University in Scotland to work on her Ph. D. under Dr. Sheina Marshall and Sir C.M. Yonge and received her doctorate in marine biology in 1966. In Sept. 1966, Susan became a professor in the faculty of zoology at the University of Guelph where she taught for 23 years and published fifty scientific papers and chapters in three books. Since finishing teaching Susan has been working on researching and writing her novel; The Never Ending Quest.

The Canopy Media Solution

Susan Corey came to us with needing a viable product to help promote herself and her book. Susan needed a product which fulfilled the following:

  • Visually pleasing
  • Easy to navigate
  • Informative
  • Scaleable

During the design phase we worked closely with Susan to get her input on the design. When discussing concepts, Susan really liked our idea to have a single page view which was able to be smoothly navigated from the home page menubar. This was something which we had not had the opportunity to do for any other clients yet. “It really works” for Susan’s site. We couldn’t agree more.

The plan

  • Create a visually appealing website with a custom-designed WordPress Content Management System
  • Structure the website to make it easy for users to find information about the author and her book(s)
  • Teach Susan how to add and edit content on her website and blog

The Results

By making valuable information easily available and visually appealing, Canopy Media has provided Susan Corey with a place to promote herself and her book(s), increasing the reach of the information online so more people can easily find it.

Several members of staff here at Canopy Media have had a great time working on this project and discovering a great book which might have otherwise been overlooked. Good luck Susan!

-The Canopy Media Team