Competitive Analysis

Let’s be frank. Every business wants to know what their competition is doing. A competitive analysis helps your business stay in the game with your competitors and remain competitive within your industry.

How do you stack up? It’s likely you don’t know the answer to that question. Knowing the answer to this question can make a major difference to your businesses bottom line.

What’s A Competitive Analysis?

Our competitive analysis (CA) is a 30-page detailed report that evaluates your existing online marketing presence against 5 of your competitors. It determines their strengths and weaknesses relative to those of your business.

Generally speaking, the first step of our consultative process is an Internet Business Analysis (IBA), part of which is a CA. As your digital marketing consultants, producing a CA will provide your business valuable insight into what digital marketing strategies your competition is currently involved in. This will not only illustrate what your competition is doing online but how aggressively they are investing in digital marketing strategies.

The CA will benchmark your your business against 5 of your competitors – visually reflecting the strengths and weaknesses of each of those companies. It provides affordable but valuable business intelligence. This valuable business intelligence creates the foundation of your business’s online marketing plan.

A detailed CA will:

  • Uncover clear problems within your online marketing
  • Uncover challenges within your business
  • Provide strategies and solutions that your business has not yet thought of or implemented

Why It’s Valuable

  • Discover how you stack up against your competition
  • Discover the gaps in your online marketing strategy
  • Learn about the digital marketing solutions that will enable you to fill those gaps uncovered in the competitive analysis report
  • Ultimately, you’ll be working with an expert who understands your competition and what is needed to regain marketing share for your business

What’s Involved in a Competitive Analysis?

We’ll not only analyze all of the companies using a variety of different tests but we’ll write our personal conclusions of the research data. This will provide your business with a clear understanding of the data researched as well as clearly highlighting if you’re effectively competing with your competition or not.

You’ll get a valuable ‘gap analysis’ comparing your business’ online presence with your competition. We’ll make further recommendations within the report as to which DM strategies could be leveraged by your company based on the findings in our research.

Ultimately, you’ll get a very clear view of which digital marketing strategies to consider and engage in. As your marketing consultants, we’ll then be able to create a unique marketing plan for your company, which will be aligned with the conclusions of the CA report.

Anatomy of a Competitive Analysis

Here’s 6 key areas we’ll be evaluating in your competitive analysis.

Website Performance – Technical aspects of each website we assess

Organic Search – How each company performs within the search engine rankings

Paid Search- Conclusive insight into the budgets and aggressiveness of each company

Local Search: How visible each company is when searching locally

Online reputation: Researching and identifying online reputation and customer reviews of each company

Social Media: Evaluating social media prominence, level of social activity, engagement of audience, and level of sharing for each company

What’s in the Report

Executive Summary – An index of what is in the report

Competition Analyzed – Which 5 competitors we’re comparing and benchmarking your business against

Website Audit – We’ll test critical website factors that have a deep impact on the overall integrity of your overall online marketing strategy

Natural Search Audit – We’ll test a number of key factors that contribute to a website’s ability to be naturally indexed by search engines and found by web visitors today

Local Presence – Are you showing in local organic searches? Is your competition? How are your performing in online local reviews? How is your competition’s reputation?

Paid Search Audit – Investigate and analyze different levels of paid search activity both for you and your competitors – what’s everybody engaging in? How much?

Social Audit – What are your competition’s levels of social engagement, frequency of content posted and how much sharing is happening?

Recommendations – Based on conclusions made throughout the report, what are the recommendations we’d make?

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