Consumer Wants

76% of consumers have said the most important piece in the design of a website is that “the website makes it easy for me to find what I want.”

Consumer wants for websites chart

How easy does your website make it for visitors to find what they’re looking for?

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Points to consider when (re)designing your website:

  • Usability by your customers and prospects
  • Your website’s conversion rate (Do people find what they need and complete their tasks?)
  • Use a simple website layout that would be familiar to your customers
  • Differentiate your company by making it really easy for your customers to find what they want on your website
  • Test, test, test! Ask a potential customer to use your website and see if they can figure out how to get what they want; see if they can easily do the things that you want your consumers to do.

What not to focus on:

  • The visual design of your website
  • Reinventing the wheel when it comes to design and layout
  • If you or the CEO think your website design does not look pretty
  • Using flash, heavy graphics, or lots of video

Source: HubSpot, Science of Website Redesign

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