Content Marketing Part 2: Image Marketing

Everyone with a website wants more traffic and leads. One of the most natural ways to increase site visitors is with new and exciting content. If your website always has fresh content, your visitors will want to come back regularly.

Image Marketing

Online there are three main types of content you can offer your audience. Written content, photos & galleries and explanatory video make up the bulk of any content marketing campaign.

In Part 2 of our Content Marketing series we’ll take a look at image marketing and how to use it on your website.

Photo Galleries

Using images throughout your content is a great way to break up your copy but photos aren’t always just supplementary material. Galleries are effective ways to show and tell your audience a story through pictures.

People like to see everything. Giving them every angle and visual possible will increase your total content and make your site more interactive for visitors. This will reduce your bounce rate and place you higher in search rankings.

3 Types of Galleries

You can use a photo gallery for almost anything but here are a few ideas to get you started:

Products: Creating galleries of your products pretty much goes without saying. Collect every colour, angle and in-use shot you can get your hands on and show your visitors everything you can. The more they can see the more likely they are to buy. And not to state the obvious, but use high quality images!

Events: Attending a trade show or industry event? Make sure you take your camera. Give your audience a window into a day in the life of your business. The more customers feel they know you, and can trust you personally, the easier it is for them to engage you in business.

The Grounds: A lot of people are curious about what you do and where you do it. Don’t leave them guessing. Take your camera around your business space and take some pictures. Showing your offices can humanize your team and allow customers to engage more easily.

3 Gallery Solutions for Your Site

A lot of websites don’t come with a gallery function built right in. Here’s a few solutions for building galleries right on your site:

*Note: WordPress solutions only*

  1. WP NextGen Gallery
  2. WP Photo Album
  3. Final Tiles Gallery

There are many more solutions on the market for WordPress, other content management systems and coded sites. The NextGen gallery is widely recognized as the best photo plugin for WordPress but each version has it’s own set of features which may better suit your needs.

Test them out until you find one that works for your image marketing campaign.

Be everywhere you can be with your content and lead people back to your site.

It’s a pretty simple equation. If you keep making new content your traffic will increase and your visitors will keep coming back for more.

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