Content Marketing Part 3: Video Marketing

Everyone with a website wants more traffic and leads. One of the most natural ways to increase site visitors is with new and exciting content. If your website always has fresh content, your visitors will want to come back regularly.

Video Marketing

Online there are three main types of content you can offer your audience. Written content, photos & galleries and explanatory video make up the bulk of any content marketing campaign.

In Part 3 of our Content Marketing series we’ll take a look at video marketing, how to make your own videos, how to use them and where to post online.


If a picture says a thousand words then what is a video worth? In terms of content marketing a video is worth an awful lot.

Being able to show your audience something is always more effective than telling them. Comprehension and retention with video is much higher than with plain text.

Having relevant videos online increases the interactivity of your site visitors, makes you look professional and adds resources for your customers.

3 Ways to Make Videos

There are a lot of ways to capture or create videos to publish online. Here are three simple methods to launch your video marketing library:

Screen Capture: Walking people through processes step by step is a huge conversion tool. Sometimes all it takes is a screen captured video with narration. There are multiple screen capture softwares on the market that will record your on-screen navigation and record what you say while you do it. Simple how-to videos can be created in minutes.

Here’s a quick list of solutions:

Live-Action: Sometimes a real live event warrants capturing. Keep your camera around during trade shows and special events and take a quick video. Publish it raw or edit the content and let your audience know what it was like in person.

Animated: Building an effective video from scratch isn’t always the best solution. Some information just needs a professional script and an animated short. This is hard to do yourself without the skills but there are many reasonably priced animation companies that can do it for you. We’d be happy to recommend some.

3 Places to Put Videos

Once you’ve gone to the trouble of crafting a video you’ll want to get the most out of it. Here are a few great places to post your video material so it gets noticed:

  1. Your Website: This should always be the first place you think of when it’s time to post a video. Place your content on your own site first and then publish elsewhere.
  2. Youtube: In terms of online video Youtube is the place to be. You can create your own channel and start building a list of videos. As the most used video site in the world it has a lot of traffic that you could benefit from. Users can share your videos with others, further increasing your reach. It’s like social media for video. Make sure your videos land here right after placing them on your site.
  3. Social Medias: If you’ve got a following on social medias then show them what you’ve made. This could lead your audience to share the video to people you haven’t previously had contact with and if you’re lucky, it will go viral.

Be everywhere you can be with your content and lead people back to your site.

It’s a pretty simple equation. If you keep making new content your traffic will increase and your visitors will keep coming back for more.

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