Dragon’s Den winner Fresh Gear website launched!

We’re excited to announce the launch of Fresh Gear Meaford, the winners of the 2011 Meaford Dragon’s Den.

In October, Jamie and Grant Murray of Meaford Ontario won top prize in front of local businesses, friends and family. Included in their prize was a website design package donated by Canopy Media. The package included a full website that featured a full content management system, website consultation, internet marketing advice, and Google analytics setup. While there was no mention of a 10-day turnaround, when Grant and Jamie indicated they would prefer the site was up sooner than later, the Canopy Media team jumped all over the project.

A discovery meeting was set up for November 28th and the website was launched on December 12… a 2-week turnaround.

And the results? We’ll let Jamie Murray tell you how they felt about working with us.

“My husband and I had the pleasure of working with the crew from “Canopy Media”. They helped us not-so-technical people design a web page for our new business. They not only were patient with me and my lack of knowledge but helped me develop a few more computer skills. This company is a caring, understanding and helpful company. The truly want what us best for both their clients and their own name. We are very pleased to have worked with such a great team. Sincerely Jamie Murray Meaford”

Another satisfied client? You bet.

And we’re satisfied too. At Canopy Media, we take local business and the local economy seriously. We know that our skill set helps grow business, whether it’s in Meaford Ontario, or Rhode Island. But ultimately, we live and work in Ontario. So generating revenue for small business that keeps our local economy growing is what we like to do best. That’s why we’ve been excited to partner with Dragon’s Den Meaford for two years running.

Here’s to you Dragon’s Den. Congratulation on helping a 3rd local business launch in the Meaford area.

And here’s to you Jamie and Grant – welcome to the small business club. Your efforts over the years will help grow our local economy, and make Grey Bruce a better place to live.


The Canopy Media Team