How to Embed Google Reviews on a Website

Has your company received some initial feedback? It is time to know how to embed Google reviews on a website. There is no issue in just copying and pasting analytics from Google into your site, as the reviews will lose their authenticity. Instead, you can show them exactly as they appear in Google’s ecosystem. Here are a few steps to help you do it, even if you’re not great with code.

  • First, get an API key to access Google Maps.
  • Get a “Places ID” for your company.
  • Get the “Google Places” script.
  • Enter lines of code that show reviews on your site. To do this, line up the script files you need and paste the code into the head section of your site.
  • Replace [API_KEY] with the one you created a few steps earlier.
  • Add the JavaScript function to the head section of the site.
  • In the end, add this precisely where you want Google Reviews to appear.

Use a Plugin

Alternatively, you can embed Google reviews on a website using a plugin instead of the above process. It requires very little effort and is a recommended method for people who are not tech-savvy. You only have to go through three steps:

Choosing a Plugin

Get started by finding free options for Google Review plugins that can integrate reviews on a website. The plugin you pick should have features like altering the Google Review widget to fit your custom website and selecting which reviews you want to list first. , Etc. Plugins should add widgets without slowing down your site and should be up to date for optimal security. A plugin that updates regularly and provides support would be a good choice.

Installing a Plugin

Go to the Plugins part of the WordPress admin portal to install the plugin. Click “Add New” and type the name of the plugin you previously selected. All you have to do is install it.


Use your Google My Business API key to make the plugin work properly. Once you’ve established a link between the plugin and the local listing, use the short plugin codes to change how the Google Reviews widget looks. You can post it on one or more pages on your website.

Track the Results

Once you’ve learned how to embed Google reviews on your site, make sure you know which reviews you receive. If you already offer the best quality product or service, and your support is exceptional, your customers will be happy to share their appreciation for you.

Whether the review is positive or negative, respond to every review you receive to gain customer trust and loyalty. To build a strong online image, you need to gather a lot of positive reviews.


Google My Business is critical to professionally listing your services and products on the World Wide Web. Nothing is more important than telling your customers that their previous customers were happy with the product or service they received. All digital marketers will recommend embedding Google Reviews on your site, so don’t think twice if you are planning for it.

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