Frame Rate Studios Launches


It’s simply the best way to engage an audience and that’s what Frame Rate Studios is all about. They produce, live-action video, film local events and create animated video productions in a wide variety of styles.

Frame Rate Video Production

Frame Rate Studios, based out of Collingwood, Ontario, uses a talented team of script writers, illustrators, animators and editors to realize your vision on screen. Frame Rate can conceptualize and construct nearly any type of video production, for business or for a personal event.

Partnered with The Mountain Goat Film Company, Frame Rate Studios also has the reach and industry connections to execute any scope of project.

Frame Rate Studios Video Services

Frame Rate Studios offers a full range of video recording and creation services including:

  • Website video production
  • Television broadcast production
  • Film production
  • Radio ads
  • Virtual real estate tours

These services can be created in any video style:

  • 3D Animation
  • 2D Animation
  • Motion Graphics
  • Live action filming
  • Whiteboards
  • Claymation

Frame Rate Studios can build your concept or message into a top-notch promotional video that will help push your business to the next level.

Canopy Media delivers ‘great experience’

When Greg Yaniw of Frame Rate Studios came to us he needed a website that engages his prospects, drives traffic and showcases his body of work. That’s exactly what he got.

To make things easy for Frame Rate, we created a  WordPress content management system that allows them add/delete or edit any of their content. As Frame Rate establishes new clients and portfolio material the Frame Rate team can showcase their work in a matter of minutes.

We worked closely with Frame Rate Studios to hammer out a list of services that spoke to his target audience. Our effective and simple sitemap delivers helpful information that moves a curious customer towards that elusive final goal. Sales!

More importantly, Canopy Media made some recommendations that will allow Frame Rate Studios to get started on a Search Engine Optimization program that with effort over time, will allow Frame Rate to begin the process of getting organic leads through their website.

Here’s what Frame Rate Studio’s Greg Yaniw had to say about our work:

“Canopy did a great job working on my site. The process between myself and Canopy to communicate our thoughts was straight forward and to the point. When I had a request it was taken care of and the end result is a site I feel will perform the way I need it to perform. Overall, I had a great experience…”

Thanks Greg! It was great working with your business and we look forward to cultivating a relationship for years to come.

If you need video services of any kind give Frame Rate Video Production try.