Google Documents… You Complete Me

What is it about Google Documents that makes it so darned appealing? Is it the the ability to sign in from any computer to see your creations, the ease of use or the features and functions of the outstanding online office suite? The answer is simple. All of the above and more.

Almost every facet of Canopy Media’s daily operations is ‘touched’ by Google Documents in some way. Over time we’ve developed a strong emotional attachment to their powerful but mobile package and for good reason.

Love is nothing ‘til you give it away

Just like the children’s song says ‘love is nothing ‘til you give it away’. If that’s true then Google Docs has to be one of the most well-liked web apps in existence. The user pays nothing, getting a free ride from Google like an aging child living in a parent’s thinly furnished basement.

Sign in and use the document manager for any project completely free of charge day or night. All they ask in return is a little love and respect and why not? Google doesn’t even make you clean up your room!

So Google, let us list the reasons that we love you…

Love is Blind But Google Documents Let’s Us See!

You Share With Us and Let Us Share With Others: Just like a best friend or loving sibling Google shares it’s creations with you without asking for anything in return. Every document we build can be shared with other users.

Regardless if the document project is a blog post, company policy or a simple brainstorm session, each member of the team can be granted access to the doc through email. Just like having a meeting on a piece of paper Google docs puts all project members on the same page, literally.

Collaboration is the Key to Success: Connecting with business partners and employees is more important now than ever. With Google Docs every member of a project can be shared in on a document with the ability to edit and add new content.

There’s no need to save and send, receive and read, over and over again, back and forth. All editing and changes happen in real time. Now you can look over an employee or co-worker’s shoulder from half a world away and whisper right in their ear moments after the electronic ink has set.

Build a project together or manage your business family from afar. It’s all the same to Google Docs.

Communication Keeps the Relationship Fresh: The moment two people stop talking in a relationship, be it business or otherwise, it is doomed to fail. The gang at Google made sure open dialogue is never an issue.

Beyond writing in the body copy of documents users have the option to add footnotes and comments right into the file. Whether you leave notes for another user’s next sign in or make suggestions while a project takes shape the result is the same; everyone is in on the action and in real time.

Take the Relationship to the Next Level, or at Least the Right One: It’s sometimes hard to gauge, at first, how serious you want to get with someone. Are they honest, trustworthy, hardworking? All valid questions. Google Docs let’s you start things slowly and build your relationship over time.

Layers of user access gives the owner of the document the control to bring collaborators in at different clearance or editing levels. New users can be granted one of three levels of trust.

  • Viewer Status (acquaintances) – The user is shared in on the material and can view it for the duration of that sharing. No editing can be performed at this level, they are spectators only.
  • Commenter Status (trusted friends) – This user can view the material at any time during the share and attach comments and footnotes to the material for later editing.
  • Editor Status (your business family) – These users are so trusted they have almost as much power as the creator of the doc. Editing, sharing, viewing and comments are all within their grasp.
  • Owner Status (CEO/patriarch/matriarch) – The true leader of the project. The document owner has every ability in addition to choosing other users and their status levels. Ownership always lies with the creator unless that Status is imparted to another.

So Many Lovable Qualities: There is often a healthy array of lovable qualities that helps endear one person to another. Google Docs has so many lovable features that it’s hard not to fall head over heels for it.

From opening online documents in various file formats on any computer with an Internet connection to link and keyword insertion, constant upgrades and file retrieval, Google Docs is the app of all trades.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder: Distance and separation can be a contributing factor in strengthening a connection. In terms of business files, being separated is rarely desirable.

Google Docs gives you the absence of physical copies to carry on your person while providing the security and peace of mind from a automatic backup system. You can also email an entire document directly from the doc itself for an added layer of backup security. Even access your account from a smartphone. Google Docs is neither seen nor heard but is never far away.

For all of these reasons and more Canopy Media absolutely love Google Docs.

And so we put it to you. What program compliments you? What application could you just not do without and why? Or in what way does Google Docs help your project that we didn’t mention above? It’s up to you to show your love…

So, what software completes you and your business?