Google Reviews vs Yelp: The Ultimate Showdown

In the action of Google reviews vs Yelp, there are a few big reasons why Google reviews are better for small business owners than Yelp reviews. In addition to being more visible and easier for consumers to leave, they also have less competition, more impact, and more opportunities for consumers. Read on to learn more!

Unlike Yelp, Google Wants to Ask You for Reviews

Accept it or not, Yelp’s authorized policy is that they don’t even like to ask you for reviews. Because Yelp knows you’re not going to be a reviewer unless you think it’s a 5-star reviewer.

Google’s policy makes a lot of sense: They want you to ask for reviews and give you a link to make it easier. It makes sense to organize your efforts and rely on your staff if you are in a high-volume industry like lawn irrigation or plumbing.

Google Reviews Are Important for Local SEO

If you’re financing SEO for your business, Google reviews can give you a strong advantage. In 2017, the Local SEO Guide looked at 200+ local ranking factors, such as “Total number of words per page” and “Number of images,” to see what items are ranked in Google’s Local Pack. Has the greatest effect.

Out Of the top 10 influencers, nine of them include Google reviews:

  1. Total extra organic classification
  2. The number of Google reviews that target keywords
  3. The number of Google reviews that refer to the target city
  4. Total number of Google reviews
  5. The percentage of Google searches that mention the keyword
  6. The percentage of Google searches that mention the city
  7. The average of Google’s annual reviews
  8. Number of Google reviews not answered
  9. The number of new Google reviews in the last year
  10. Average weekly Google reviews

Google may use these reviews as ranking factors because they offer a direct way to gauge user satisfaction.

Google Can Make It Difficult to Remove Bad Reviews

Bad reviews are hard to remove from Google. While anyone can report a fake review, it can be more complicated for Google to remove it. Be prepared to contact their support line, provide evidence, and discuss your case. The truth is that no one expects the best from you, and a few bad reviews can be really good. You just have to be more determined with the help you effect toward other people.

Yelp Has Trust Issues

After surveying more than a thousand users, Bright local discovered that 85% of people trust online reviews as much as individual guidance. Meanwhile, 73% of consumers also said they rely on a business more if they have positive reviews. No matter what you feel about online reviews, people have uttered. So why does Google take the lead here, even when its review platform has too many issues? Its answer is that Yelp’s trust issues are very public.


So, when it comes to Google reviews vs Yelp, who wins? Well, while there may be more reviews from Yelp, Google is better at filtering out fake ones. In addition, with Google My Business, you can get insights that are unavailable on Yelp. So if you are scrutinizing for the most accurate information about a business, go to Google. And if you want to see how your business is performing online, use Google My Business Insights.

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