grow your web presence

Grow Your Web Presence

In today’s Internet having an effective website is only part of a successful business campaign. You have to be involved in social media, blogging and business directory sites to build up your total online presence.

As you fill out your Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin accounts search engines start to take notice, listing those pages directly under your website in Google searches, but there’s always more you can do to increase your reach.

If it’s done right there’s no such thing as too much online presence.

Maximizing Your Web Presence

There are a lot of obvious ways to increase your online presence, but there are a few places on the web you should be that you might not have thought about.


According to recent reports Pinterest has vaulted itself into third place for users among social medias, just behind Facebook and Twitter respectively.

Pinterest allows users to select pictures of their own or images found on the Internet and Pin them on their personal pages. Comments can be posted to any pinned image on the site while you connect to others with similar tastes.

Keeping an active account with lots of Pins keeps people following and linking to your materials, which in turn increase your online presence.


Youtube is an excellent place to post videos about your products to maximize your online presence. If you already have a Google account for any of their online products then all you have to do is sign in and activate.

Videos posted to your account can be viewed, commented on, liked and disliked by the online community. It’s almost like social media.

The more videos and activity there is on your page the larger your online presence grows.


Although Google+ isn’t gaining popularity as fast as other social medias it does have some really useful tools. Again, just like Youtube, if you have an existing Google account signing in and activating is a breeze.

Once you’re signed up take notice of the nearby feature. Besides increasing your online presence with one more high-profile social media account, Google+ will allow you to see posts and comments from people who are geographically close to your location. Connect to all of them.

This is a great way to build a local audience and inform them of sales and special events.

Google Places

Another Google product that increases your web and local presence is Google Places. Filling out your listing requires a real address where you receive mail. Google wants proof that you exist in the location specified in your account.

After getting your Google postcard and verification pin number your account goes live, allowing people to find you locally and increasing your total reach across the net.

Pretty much anything that lets people find you and your business online is a good idea. Put the work in, manage your accounts and the web traffic will flow.

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