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High Quality Backlinks: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Backlinks are links that come in from other websites to promote your site or blog. They can also be called referrers or do-follow links and inbound links.

Attracting high quality backlinks is critical for two reasons. First because they  gauge the scope of respect and eminence you have earned over the internet,  second  because these help you improve your site rankings on the most popular search engines.

The higher quality the backlinks are, the more visible you become on search engines. Yet if you allow disreputable (ugly) backlinks, or simply don’t have any,  your credibility on the internet is at stake. It is simply required to put efforts into securing high quality backlinks in order to enjoy the benefits.

Improve Search Engine Rankings

From the first moment you create your website there are zero backlinks and the site cannot be seen over different search engines. As soon as you start building those backlinks consistently over several months you will see the site becoming indexed by the popular search engines that immediately improve your site rankings. This generates traffic

Anytime a backlink comes from a site or blog getting thousands of visitors daily, some of these viewers are redirected towards your website. If the site is visible on the first page of Google or other search engines, you  will receive much better traffic than if it came from the second or third pages on any search engine.

By having high quality backlinks, you remain at page one of the Google search results. This means a higher interest level from viewers, and also means there is a better chance to generate quality traffic, rather than location based traffic.

Becoming Recognized as an Authority

Finding high quality backlinks means increasing the popularity of your website in your niche area. To find them, webmasters or site owners look out for the quality backlinks they prefer most in order to link with that site.

To attract this action your site needs to establish you as a leading name in your niche domain. Backlinks can be directly requested from site owners.

This action means getting a chance to network with people of your common interest or subject. This is great public relations and expands industry connections. Your goal, of course, is to become a go-to site for your industry.

Another approach is offering to post articles on those sites that link back to yours. Topic specific articles loaded with SEO keywords help both sites attract more visitors and is a win-win approach.

How To Find High Quality BackLinks

To determine which links are best to request and obtain, you need to:

•Determine the numbers of viewers the site hits reveal.
•Discover how long the average visitor lingers at the site reading or making purchases
•Verify their industry reputation through focused research
•Read through the posted content for accuracy, quality and appeal

Publishing press releases is another great way to garner high quality backlinks. Press releases are syndicated by hundreds of news sites and blogs quickly. Everytime someone posts your release–you have high quality backlinks. High quality press releases garner high quality distribution by reputable news sites. This value cannot be underestimated.

Using Squidoo/HubPages: The many sites available for posting content and building pages are not quite as well viewed or trustworthy as these. You get a valuable backlink every time you place your text into anchor text with these sites when building your pages.

Really, its all about knowing your industry and niche, verifying and upholding that quality. Creating dynamic online partnerships is what is happening when you develop the highest quality backlinks possible for your site.

Still Valuable After All These Years

Although backlinks have been taking a hit in terms of how much value they give your overall search engine rankings, they are still a major benefit to any website.

Recent changes in Google’s algorithms have started to give much more weight to social media, audience interaction, reviews and related materials such as press releases. Up until recently backlinks carried much more SEO water than their social counterparts. But just because the switch has been made and social media and backlinks have traded spots on the depth chart doesn’t mean it’s time to stop backlinking.

The more high-end backlinks you have leading back to your site the better, both for traffic increases and good old fashioned SEO rankings.

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