how to increase your web traffic

How to increase your web traffic

Normally, heavy traffic isn’t seen as a good thing, in fact, for most people it’s a nightmare. But, if you’re running a web business or an e-commerce site, heavy traffic is a dream come true.

“But how do I fill my e-streets with happy bands of customers?”, you might ask. There are a plethora of ways to increase your web traffic.

We’ll help fill your roads with thunder using some tried and tested traffic tempering tactics (please pardon all the Springsteen references).

Increase Traffic to Your Website

They say if you want something bad enough you’ll get it. We all know what that really means; a little elbow grease and a can-do attitude! It’s really not hard with the effort spread out each week. Here’s how to increase your web traffic.

On page Optimization: When you submit a final draft of a project you don’t leave spelling mistakes, grammar corrections and punctuation modifications all over your documents. You also don’t return to it later, making changes that make the doc more valid in the future. It’s much more efficient to do it right the first time.

The same is true of your website.

Applying the known optimization factors to your web pages makes that piece of material shine like a diamond in a sea of darkness. Building that same web page from scratch, using the very same on page tactics, allows those optimization factors to be woven in seamlessly with the material instead of integrating them afterwards.

It’s like building a house with all the rooms you want right off the hop rather than constructing an addition in the future. An ounce of forethought is worth a pound of editing.

If you’d like some more detail on the subject just click our on page SEO link.

Off Page Optimization: Creating content that works on your site isn’t the only way to increase that traffic. There are a multitude of tasks, all done in the background, that go a long way towards increasing the customers that grace your website.

Here’s a few examples of off page optimization factors

  • social bookmarking sites
  • business listings & directories
  • article submission sites

These resources are largely free and easy to use, with a few premium paid directories and article submission sites as exceptions. Once you’re done making your pages pop with on page optimizations make sure the rest of the web knows as much about you as possible.

See how it’s done on our Off Page SEO Tips article.

Social Media Activity: You’ve heard the social media preachers by now. You simply must have. There’s so many now that they’re hard to miss.

They’ve been telling anyone that will listen that being active in social media gets you more leads, traffic and conversions. It’s like digital word-of-mouth.

There’s no trick or fool-proof method of success other than being active on a consistent basis. Of course there are minor tweaks and modifications that can be made to your account but nothing creates more followers and likes than just being there.

Being honest and human doesn’t hurt either. Customers gravitate towards ‘real’ people.

Believe it or not, even your social media accounts can be optimized and if they are expect them to show up right beside your website when people search your business online.

Take a look at our Social Media Optimization article for more info.

Pay Per Click: Sometimes you gotta spend money to make money. That’s one of the main caveats of advertising. There’s a million and one ways to advertise on the Internet but Pay Per Click is probably one of the most effective.

When you search a specific term in Google you are given two sets of results. The main body of choices on your search engine results page are called organic links, we’ve mentioned them countless times on our blog. But the links at the top of the page are bought and paid for.

Imagine your keyword of choice is highly competitive and your on and off page options have been exhausted. What else can you do to end up on page one for my keyword? Pay for it.

Every click that comes through the PPC link costs you money but your buying leads that’s already considering buying products or services your business offers.

If you want to know more just click through to our PPC article.

Backlinking Programs: The meat and potatoes of any website’s traffic would have to come from the strength of it’s backlinks. Backlinks are those little bits of text-based web code that leads a person from one site to another. The more bits that lead your way the more credible you seem to search engines.

If you have that many people linking to your material it must be pretty great right?

Backlinks from highly ranked websites with high traffic carry an added bonus of authority. The more premium backlinks you gather the more authoritative you yourself become. It’s all a process.

Would you like to know more? So would we. That’s why we’re covering backlinking in our very next article. Keep your eyes peeled for even more useful information from your friends at Canopy Media.

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