Lead Generation

Simply put, our Lead Generation Services get you more traffic, leads and sales.

Canopy Media lead generation services are designed to do one thing – generate revenue for your business.

This is the basic equation for online revenue generation.

Revenue = the sum of your total visitors  x the conversion rate of your website x the lifetime customer value of each new client.

1) Double your traffic
2) Increase your conversion rates
3) Get more than 2x the leads through your website!

How our lead generation services work

Canopy Media’s lead generation services are designed to bring qualified customers directly to your doorstep.

Search Engine Optimization brings new visitors to your website, by ranking on page one in Google for keywords that people use to find businesses like yours. The increased volume of prospects increases the number of leads for your business.

Through website testing, Canopy Media then increases the rate at which your prospects convert into leads. Conversion is defined at the beginning of the program as a trackable goal which you would like your visitors to complete (submit a form, sign up for a newsletter, complete a sale).

The increased volume of leads from our lead generation services increases the sales for you business.

Increased sales = increased advertising budget. Your company now has the means to begin an active Pay-Per Click campaign in Google which only multiplies the results of your increased website conversion rate. Budgets can be set on a per-day rate as low as $1/day to as much as you would like to spend.

Our Monthly Lead Generation Services include 50 hours per month of:

  • Website Redesign
  • Conversion Rate Testing
  • Graphic Design
  • Keyword Analysis
  • On and Off-page Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Marketing – Weekly Blog Posts
  • Social Media Management
  • Landing page development lead form integration
  • Link Building
  • Site Analytics Review, Reporting and Analysis
  • Website Copywriting, Design and Usability

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