There are many off page seo tips. Find many of them here.

Off Page SEO Tips

Last time we covered the basics of on page SEO, but it certainly isn’t the only method of increasing your site’s rankings. In fact, on page search engine optimization and off page SEO are really two sides of the same coin. Without that entire coin being ‘spent’ you can’t hope to ‘purchase’ a high ranking on SERP pages.

Let’s take a look at the ten most important off page SEO factors, like we did with their on page counterparts.

The Top Ten Off Page SEO Tips and Tricks

1.) Content Creation/Blogging

We know by now that content creation is number one in terms of Search Engine Optimization. It’s the best method of earning website credibility and a sure-fire way to drive more traffic to your pages. The more unique and helpful content you produce, the more search engines like Google view you as an industry leader.

2.) Backlinking and Link Exchanges

You aren’t the only leader out there. Chances are you have some steep competition in your field but even your competition can be a resource. Getting backlinks and doing link exchanges is a great way to increase your off page SEO profile. If you create good content other sites will naturally link to your leading material. Contacting sites similar in subject matter to your own and asking for backlinks is also effective.

3.) Article Submission Sites

Article submission is pretty straight forward but incredibly valuable. There are a million article submission sites out there, some better than others. Each article you can get published on another website is a chance for backlinks to your content. If a larger site gets millions of visitors your article get you some visitors to your site.

4.) Press Release Sites

This is a similar tactic to using article submission sites only sometimes you have to pay. Websites like PRWeb are well known for bringing current and valuable info to a wide audience. They have some strict rules and a longer process for getting published but increasing brand awareness on the web always beneficial.

5.) Directory Submission Sites

Submitting your business or website info to directory sites is easily the least valuable of the three submission options but it still has some worth and every little bit helps in an SEO battle. Some people still use directories to find local businesses. Wouldn’t it be a shame if they wanted your service but you simply weren’t listed?

6.) Create a Community

Creating a community is an incredibly valuable but intangible off page seo factor. The idea is to get users to start driving the awareness and conversation concerning your product and service. That’s easily done if you create open platforms for people to use. A forum is a great example. If you sell car parts creating a ‘chat room’ for car enthusiasts would be a natural way to promote your wares.

7.) Social Bookmarking

Creating social bookmarks in popular bookmarking sites like Digg, Delicious and StumbleUpon can be very positive for your website. We’ve all heard of things going viral on the web. Social Bookmarking websites let people ‘like’ your blog posts and stories similarly to Facebook pages. The more people ‘like’ it the easier it is to find, read and like. A glorious cycle!

8.) Cross-Linking

This is relevant to both off page and on page SEO. Creating a web of links between your articles and pages is an excellent way to provide your visitors with a more complete experience. An individual page or website may not provide the info your visitor is after but your other content might.

9.) Link Baiting

Reproduced content can be a huge benefit to your site’s credibility, provided it’s your content that’s being copied. If another site reproduces your content you can report them and have it removed or you can contact them directly and let them use it for the small price of a viable backlink.

10.) Pay Per Click Advertising Campaign

If all else fails there’s one more trick from our bag called Pay Per Click. If our on page and off page SEO tips aren’t getting you results, you can always pay search engines to list your website at the top of SERP pages for a price. It can get a little tough on the wallet but if it results in traffic and awareness for your site then it can be worth it.

There are multiple tips and tricks you can use to increase your off page SEO ranks but these ten are the most effective. Keep watching our blog for more detailed posts about the individual on and off page SEO factors. We’ll go into more depth on each point and help you get the best information on pushing your site’s SERP ranking through the roof, with both on page and off page SEO tips.