organic link building and URL SEO tips

Organic Link Building and URL SEO Tips

The world of on page SEO is deep and rich with many factors contributing to the overall mosaic that makes up search engine optimization.

So far we’ve told you about what those on page SEO factors were, the importance of new and compelling content and of course the keyword phrase. After these main features have been maximized there is always more to be done, more optimizations that can yield results.

Effective and descriptive URLs along with internal and external links are an important layer of SEO to practice.

The Importance of the SEO URL and Organic Link Building

URL or Uniform Resource Locator

When you build a page or a post for your website and publish it to the Internet inevitably that piece of material comes with it’s own web address or Uniform Resource Locator, also known as a URL. Having your keyword phrase featured in your material also show up in your URL gives your site weight in the mechanical minds of search engines like Google.

We’ll work with an example…

Let’s say you and one competitor are both optimizing your respective websites for candy. Every aspect of SEO has been matched on site A to site B from top to bottom. Your site’s URL is and your competitor’s reads as .

We’ll give you one guess who shows up first in a Google search for candy. That’s right, wins the SEO battle!

If your URL contains the keywords you are optimizing for, along with all the other optimization factors in place, there’s a good bet you’ll come out on top. Keep this in mind when making your keyword selection. Putting your uniform resource locator through URL SEO is more than important.

These same rules and techniques apply to external and internal links which use URLs to perform their function.

Internal and External Links

Using internal links to keep people on your site and external links to send people to specific web destinations has long been an effective tactic for Internet marketers. Those text based links aren’t just for jumping back and forth between pieces of info. Organic link building is an excellent on page SEO factor if it’s done correctly.

If you followed the steps for proper keyword selection then you’re ready for links.

A web page or post usually has a focus, a topic if you will. In our example we used as our URL which is a website that sells candy. So far sugarsnacks is both our keyword and our URL. It should be the anchor text for a link as well.

Search engines look for a certain amount of correlation in keywords. The more a keyword phrase echoes through the layers of SEO (URL, Body Content, Title, etc.) the more total weight search engines will give your site for that keyword phrase. Echo the loudest and you win.

Think of search engine optimization like a tunnel. When you yell into the tunnel you hear an echo yell back at you. The sound dissipates over time until there’s nothing left. The longer the tunnel the longer the echo lasts.

When you optimize for a keyword you get clicks back and visitors (echoes) from the Internet. If your SEO tunnel was built longer with more layers of search engine optimization reflecting the sound of your echo (keyword) your results would also increase. Make your website echo the longest using SEO factors.

The benefits of SEO can be exponential if done right. Set up as many ‘reflectors’ as possible to get the most out of your keyword. Or if you’re having trouble sorting it out there are many lead generation services that can help get the job done.