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At BaitCloud we love to fish and our vision is to help every angler in every situation have a better day on the water.

Our product works whether you are at the dock, on the shore, in your boat, or in your ice hut. If you can toss a BaitCloud in the water, you can use BaitCloud.

Each BaitCloud ball is designed to disintegrate over a controlled period, and in doing so releasing the scent, effervescent bubbling action, and visual attractants to draw in the gamefish.

Proudly made In North America. BaitCloud has been formulated with 100% food-grade, we use only earth-friendly, bio-degradable ingredients to ensure it is not harmful to any aquatic life. There is no package to dissolve in the water or become waste or litter.

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Our Results

99% increase
In Website Traffic

4445% increase
In eCommerce Sales YOY