On-Page SEO

How SEO Consulting Services Can Improve Your Company’s Visibility

The primary goal of search engine optimization, or SEO, is to increase the visibility of a website on search engines like Bing and Google. When this visibility is increased, the company or business enjoys an increased web presence and even more sales and revenue. SEO consulting services can help you do this.

Since SEO is a constantly changing digital marketing strategy, you’ll want your company to stay abreast of the most recent trends to stand a better chance of maintaining high visibility across the internet. As such, you’ll want to use SEO consulting services to help you remain on the right path.

In this article, we discuss various ways SEO consulting firms can help your company improve its visibility on the internet, and even offline to some extent.

1. Ranking Your Website Higher

Since the No. 1 goal of consultant SEO services is to rank your website higher on search engines, various SEO tactics come in handy for increasing the chances of this happening.

A professional SEO consultant first conducts an audit to see how your SEO team has done in its internet marketing efforts.

From the audit, the SEO consultant can see what tactics have been working, those that haven’t, and what can be done to improve the current campaigns.

After the audit, the SEO expert conducts a competition analysis to see what tactics your closest competitors are employing and which ones are working or not.

Next, the SEO services provider designs a strategy to be followed in your company’s SEO efforts. This comprises various tactics like content marketing, technical SEO, and on-page SEO.

Content marketing involves content creation, promotion, and optimization, all with the goal of achieving higher rankings on search engines for the targeted keywords.

Part of the content strategy requires professional SEO services providers to do thorough keyword research to find keywords that your company should target. Content creation then takes charge of incorporating these keywords into the content to best satisfy search intent.

After content creation and publishing, the consulting services provider carries out on-page SEO and technical SEO to further increase the chances of higher rankings, more pageviews, and even earning high-quality inbound links.

Some on-page SEO techniques include internal linking, external linking, meta tags (meta descriptions and heading tags), and adding images with relevant alt tags.

The end result of targeting the right keywords, fulfilling search intent, and completing all other SEO tactics is a website that ranks higher and has more web visibility, with the possibility of even ranking on the first page.

2. Creating Brand Awareness

Let’s consider a scenario where a company makes no SEO effort. It would be extremely challenging for such a company to have a search engine presence.

Zero SEO means that your target audience might never have any idea that you exist unless your marketing strategy in other areas like social media and traditional marketing is watertight.

However, online purchases have become common, making it necessary for your company to have a robust internet marketing plan. According to Statista, more than 2.14 billion people were expected to use the internet to buy goods and services.

If your company doesn’t incorporate SEO, your target audience won’t know about it, and your online brand awareness via the website will be negligible, if any.

3. Boosting Non-transactional Conversions

It’s not enough to just bring hoards of visitors to your website. While this increases pageviews and thus visibility, you’ll want as many visitors as possible to complete simple actions on the site.

Most of the time, the main action you encourage your visitors to complete is to buy a product or service. This is a transactional action. Another suitable way to get your visitors to do something that promotes visibility is to ask them to complete some non-transactional actions.

For example, you can have a call to action, asking your visitors to share your content via email or social media as a way of getting more eyes on it. If the content evokes emotions in the visitors, you can be sure they will share it widely.

Your SEO consultant firm or individual can design and implement such calls to action that raise your company’s visibility on the web within a specific region, nationally, and even internationally.

4. Link Building

Link building is an off-page SEO tactic that increases the appearance of your website on other sites through inbound links. Simply put, another website that finds your content and products or services useful to their audience links to your website on their own.

When websites with high domain authority link to your website, your chances of ranking higher are increased. Your credibility also increases.

One of the ways an SEO consulting company helps you gain high-quality inbound links is through guest posting.

The consultant looks for high-authority sites that accept guest posts with a link or two back to your site. In this way, your content gets more eyes on it, and you can even drive more traffic to your site.

5. Website Design Optimization

Besides providing SEO advisory and implementation services, an expert SEO consultant also teams up with other professionals like website design consultants to raise the chances of ranking your site higher.

The idea here is simple: a poorly designed site puts search engines and visitors off. For example, Google actively avoids showing poorly designed websites in its results, even if they have high-quality content.

Your SEO company offers recommendations to your web designers and developers regarding what it would like done to improve the chances of its SEO work bearing fruit.

For instance, an easy-to-use site boosts rankings because your web visitors can easily find what they need on the site, and they will stay longer than if your site is poorly designed and difficult to use.

Google even punishes you with lower rankings if your visitors leave your site almost as soon as they open it. A high bounce rate tells Google that your site design or content is of poor quality and that it should not be shown to internet users.

6. Local SEO

SEO consulting firms provide not only national and international SEO services, but they also offer local SEO services to increase a company’s local web visibility.

Despite the ugly name it gets among companies, local SEO is highly productive and can increase your visibility and market share within a very short time in a given locality.

Most big companies think local SEO is strictly for mom-and-pop shops or brick-and-mortar businesses operational in only one location.

However, local SEO also benefits businesses with multiple locations by not just optimizing for one specific area but for multiple precise locations across the company’s distribution chain.

For example, a cleaning company with branches in Ithaca and Tarrytown in New York can optimize its content to serve these two locations so that clients typing “cleaning company Ithaca” or “cleaning company Tarrytown” can easily find the company.

If it’s anything to go by, Google acknowledges that 46% of internet searches have local intent as both mobile and desktop users try to find local goods and services providers.

Another aspect that SEO consultation companies use to improve your visibility at a local level is business listings or directories. With the help of the SEO agency, you can set up various listings, the most effective one being a Google My Business (now Google Business Profile) page.

A local listing on the web makes it easy for users with local search intent to find and contact you since details such as your business name, physical location, products or services, and phone numbers are easily accessible.

7. Social Media Integration

Depending on how your SEO consulting specialist approaches it, social media can contribute to higher website rankings both directly and indirectly.

Social media can directly improve your search rankings if your social media content is indexed by the search engines. Posting content on the website is not enough.

Your SEO service provider should design ways to promote the content on social media. This may include sharing blog posts on social media platforms like Facebook to get your target audience to click on the links back to your website. This helps kill two birds with one stone.

Alternatively, your SEO specialist can create different versions of the same content and post them on social media, such that what appears on the site is directly related to your social media posts, but the wording or rendering is different.

Social media marketing or integration with SEO is an effective off-page SEO tactic for getting more people exposed to your content on both social media and the website.

It boosts chances of your SEO success at visibility, as you can easily get more pageviews and, simultaneously, take your content viral.

8. Creating a Buzz Around Content for it to Go Viral

Another aspect that utilizes social media to boost each SEO campaign is content that evokes emotions in readers and makes them share your content widely across the internet.

If your content can spark emotions of sadness, anger, extreme satisfaction, hopelessness, or inspiration, your content can go viral in a short time.

Viral content gets more eyeballs on it, and by the time the buzz dies down, you’ll have converted more leads.


Implementing a robust search engine optimization strategy can be a hard call, especially if your company doesn’t have a strong in-house SEO team. If this is the case in your company, you can seek out SEO consulting services to improve your company’s visibility on the web.

SEO consultant services can help improve your visibility through optimized content that ranks well on search engines, social media marketing, non-monetary website conversions, link building, local SEO, and website design optimization.