Show & Tell: Using Product Videos to Increase Sales

Running an Internet business and making regular online sales can be difficult.

In person or on a sales floor you have the chance to engage your customer and speak directly to their needs, describing the features and functions of your products and services as you go.

Seeing a product or service in action let’s the potential buyer make an informed decision and increases the chance of closing a sale.

Unfortunately, online sales don’t allow for as much direct engagement but that doesn’t mean you can’t demonstrate what your products can do.

Using Product Videos to Inform Your Customers

Everyone knows that a picture is worth a thousand words. If that’s true then a video has to be worth a million.

Videos allow potential customers to view your products as if they were on your sales floor and, in some cases, can go even further than an in-person presentation.

Taking your customers and products into ‘the field’ for a demonstration which highlights the your product in action isn’t always feasible. That’s simply not the case with product videos. A piece of video can be used over and over without the loss of time or resources.

Borrow or Make Your Own

Often the manufacturer of your wares will produce a video of their product in action for their dealers. In those cases simply take that video and place it on your website under the appropriate page. If the manufacturer doesn’t have a video take the opportunity to film your own.

If you’re in sales there’s a good chance you have sales pitches prepared in advance. Put that pitch on camera and place it on your website beside the product listing so it’s easy to find.

This also gives you an edge over your competition. Online consumers crave information before their purchases. If your product info is more complete than other retailers you’ll earn more of the available market.

Photos Still Have Value

Photos aren’t to be discounted.

Pairing multiple photos and videos on your product pages show customers what the unit looks like and how it works ‘in the field’. Sometimes customer have neither the time nor patience to watch a two-minute video. Having both videos and pictures along with your written descriptions gives the potential customer almost everything they need to become informed all in one place.

Make sure that your customers can ask what few questions they have. Ensure your contact information is always easy to find. Packing your product pages with as much useful info as possible is a good idea. Customer have questions and they want them answered before making a purchase decision. Answer those questions before they ask them with product videos, photos and concise content descriptions.

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