Social media optimization which is also known as SMO can help your online profile

Social Media Optimization or SMO

When you go on a trip, you pack. Some of us will pack more, some less. But we usually bring our essentials if we want to optimize our time away from home or office.

Flip Flops? Tuxedo? Laptop? Ten-gallon hat? People have different essentials, but nobody wants to be left stranded without the things they need.

Packing for the social media journey is no different. To get the most out of the trip, we can’t forget to bring the essentials. Enter: Social media optimization, the perfect online suitcase.

What is SMO or Social Media Optimization?

In a nutshell, SMO means driving online traffic from places beyond a search engine. Unlike search engine optimization which increases the chance of visitors finding you while looking for something specific, SMO increases the chances of people finding your website via social networks and sharing its content with others.

Social media has become a critical part of any successful website. So, visitors better have what they need to get there.

What are the essentials?

At Canopy Media we bring our phones everywhere. We can always pick up a new toothbrush if we forget one, but we would be lost without the essential information on our phones.

Packing successfully for social media optimization uses the same idea: What is the essential information visitors need to: A) get to your website and B) share the great information they find there?

The answers are plentiful.

Successfully using social media tools and SMO means being active and present in many places. Facebook and Twitter are only preliminary stops in an unpredictable and changing adventure. It’s hard to keep up — let alone increase traffic to your website without potentially spamming your online peers.

But with the right tools in your suitcase, you can bring back more visitors to your website with every social media trip you take and give those visitors what they need to share your adventure.

Check back over the next few weeks and we’ll tell you how to fill that social media suitcase so full it won’t pass customs.