Giving Back: 100 Men Who Care

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What We Do

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About 100 Men Who Care

We bring together a group of 100 guys who want to make a difference across the Southern Georgian Bay area, all by supporting local community causes and non-profit organizations with donations that go directly to those causes.

We meet three times per year and vote on a local cause or charity to support. Each of our 100 Guys Who Cares donates $100 to the selected organization, for a total group donation of $10,000 per meeting. Pretty simple, right? This provides us an opportunity to make a real impact on our local communities, while our tri-annual meeting schedule gives us the chance to share new ideas about other great charities and causes that could use our help. Along the way, we even make time to share a pint and a few laughs.

Learn more about 100 Men Who Care here.