Client Profile – Georgian Bay Wet Cleaners

Everyone has items of clothing which require dry cleaning, unfortunately the chemicals used in the process are not good for anyone, the staff carrying out the cleaning, or you the garment owner and wearer. This is where Georgian Bay Wet Cleaners come in, their process allows for dry clean only items to be cleaned and… Continue reading →

Client Profile – Susan Corey

Susan Corey’s book, The Never Ending Quest is an incredible, well-researched novel exploring the causes and effects of climate change, and the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. Producing a website for a book launch is something Canopy Media had not tackled before. However, this project gave us an opportunity to use some more creative… Continue reading →

First On Scene Website Preview

Client Profile – First On Scene

Every emergency service personnel needs medical first responder training. With limited time, it can be tough to find a course that doesn’t interfere with a job or education. Fortunately, First On Scene Medical Consultants offer a large number of medical first responder courses to ensure emergency service workers can get the right training on their… Continue reading →

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eVvVents: Event Management Services

How often do you attend special events? Conferences, corporate meetings and even fundraising events take place in nearly every walk of life. Business, community and personal events all take a lot of planning to go smoothly from start to finish. If you’re in Ontario, that’s where eVvVents comes in. eVvVents Management Solutions eVvVents is a… Continue reading →

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Dragon’s Den winner Fresh Gear website launched!

We’re excited to announce the launch of Fresh Gear Meaford, the winners of the 2011 Meaford Dragon’s Den. In October, Jamie and Grant Murray of Meaford Ontario won top prize in front of local businesses, friends and family. Included in their prize was a website design package donated by Canopy Media. The package included a… Continue reading →

bad customer service

Losing Sales: 3 Bad Customer Service Stories

Getting leads isn’t easy. Unfortunately, losing leads is incredibly simple. After connecting with a potential customer, you have to ‘serve’ their needs quickly and efficiently or you lose the sale, especially online. Canopy Media works hard to provide great service, but sometimes we’re on the other side of the transaction. In the last couple of… Continue reading →

Proud to be a sponsor of Dragon’s Den Meaford

If you haven’t heard of the hit television show Dragon’s Den by now, you’ve either been on extended vacation on Antarctica or you don’t have cable. Either way you won’t be in the dark much longer as Meaford, Ontario hosts it’s own Dragon’s Den competition for local entrepreneurs eager for investment capitol. Meaford Hall Hosts… Continue reading →

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Just moved in, but it already feels like home

So we’ve unpacked our boxes, set up our stations, connected with the meter man, the gas man, and everything else that relates to moving. It’s official. We’ve set up a new shop in downtown Collingwood (for our clients outside the province, that’s still Ontario). High ceilings, bright lighting, great location – we feel right at… Continue reading →

Why we use HostPapa: Award-Winning Hosting Service

You can’t have a website without some form of hosting. Larger businesses occasionally manage this themselves, but for most of us an outsourced hosting plan is cheaper and has less headaches. Generally, it’s simply not worth it to host on your own servers. Choosing a hosting service can be tricky. With multiple hosting services and… Continue reading →