Digital tools for small business

3 More Digital Tools Your Business Cannot Live Without and a Challenge!

In our last post about this, we discussed three digital tools we simply cannot live without and some alternatives, since we know nothing in business is one-size-fits-all. This week, we’ve got three more for you and a challenge, but we’ll get to that at the end. Here’s a tip, when searching for software, apps, or other… Continue reading →

7 Places to advertise your business

7 Places to Advertise Your Business Online

*One of our clients uses Our Kids Private School and Summer Camp marketing to promote their therapeutic boarding school around the world. We attended a webinar they offered, and this slide about places to advertise your business really captured our attention. We wrote this blog post based on it. When it comes to building an online presence, the… Continue reading →

grow your web presence

Grow Your Web Presence

In today’s Internet having an effective website is only part of a successful business campaign. You have to be involved in social media, blogging and business directory sites to build up your total online presence. As you fill out your Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin accounts search engines start to take notice, listing those pages directly… Continue reading →

online marketing basics

Online marketing basics – Get Online already!

Do you have a website? In business it’s pretty much a foregone conclusion that you need a website to run a successful venture in the long-term. Unfortunately some businesses don’t even attempt at a web presence and their sales suffer as a result. Getting placed on business directories and local websites such as government and… Continue reading →

GShift Article: Turning Online Metrics into a Campaign

For a long time you’ve been hearing how important it is to track the visitors to your site, where they came from, and how they behave while they’re there. Some people call it online metrics while others call it analytics. Regardless of the name the numbers are identical. So now that you have all those… Continue reading →