Final 3 key Google ranking tips

Final 3 Key Factors in Our Series of Google Ranking Tips

In part two of our Google ranking tips series we discussed how the content on your website can effect your search engine rankings. In this post, we’ll review how to leverage social media, mobile accessibility and page speed to help your business get more than it’s fair share of the Search Engine Ranking Page (SERP). 7…. Continue reading →

Image SEO improves rankings

Image SEO: 6 Must-Do Steps to Help Boost Rankings

Unless you are brand new to content marketing, you probably already understand the power of images. Not only do they make your website content and blog posts more beautiful, but posts and links featuring pictures are more frequently read, shared, and commented on. Here’s how you can leverage the rankings boost image SEO can provide. It… Continue reading →

What is Keyword Prominence?

Bad lead, No read: Keyword prominence Implementing this one strategy – keyword prominence – can mean the difference of whether or not your website is found over the millions of others being searched. It’s not a massive factor in search engine rankings, but it’s vital. And the concept is one you’re already familiar with; it’s… Continue reading →

search engine optimization strategies

Search Engine Optimization Strategies

When you’re building a website or online content it’s good to have a strategy. There are a lot of factors at play in SEO so it’s important to ensure your content is crafted with search engine optimization strategies in mind. The Best Search Engine Optimization Strategies Optimization has clear benefits to your website’s position in… Continue reading →


Canopy Media’s SEO Checklist

Everyone wants more website traffic. Traffic equals prospects. Prospects equal leads. Leads equal sales. Thus, at its most basic, traffic equals sales. The best way to put your website in a position for additional organic search traffic to your website is with on-page SEO. There are a lot of factors to remember when you’re optimizing… Continue reading →