Enterprise Centre

The Enterprise Centre: Helping Businesses Grow

Every new business needs a little assistance to get started. With limited resources and funds it can be tough to get a product or service ready for market. Fortunately for small business owners and entrepreneurs the Small Business Enterprise Centre can make things easier.

The Enterprise Centre

The Small Business Enterprise Centre, based in Collingwood, Ontario, is a premier resource centre helping local businesses and enterprising people start and grow their businesses. The Centre is one of 57 offices located across Ontario that provides support to new and existing businesses during their start-up, development, retention processes and day-to-day operations.

The Enterprise Centre’s services include:

  • Free consultations with a qualified business consultant
  • Business permits, licences, registration, regulations and other forms and documents required to start and build a business
  • Review of business plans
  • Up-to-date, leading-edge information geared to the needs of the entrepreneur
  • Access to current resource materials including books, directories and trade indexes
  • Informative workshops and seminars specifically designed to meet the needs of small business
  • Copyrights, patents and trademark information
  • Support for student entrepreneurs through the Summer Company program
  • Support for residents of the Town of Collingwood, the Town of The Blue Mountains, Clearview Township, and the Town of Wasaga Beach.

The Canopy Media Solution

The Enterprise Centre already had a website when they approached us to help them get control of their website and increase their reach online. Their existing website didn’t allow for self-editing which made keeping content up-to-date difficult. This also meant that content was lacking. The knowledge was there, but the ability to get it out there was not.

Helping an organization which, in turn, helps small and growing businesses was an exciting challenge for us. We analyzed their existing website and online assets and made an action plan that would work for both The Enterprise Centre and their small business clients.

The plan?

– Get control of their online presence with a custom-designed WordPress Content Management System
– Increase the volume of content and resources available to local business
– Grow that content over time with regular blog posts

By making valuable business information easily available through a new and improved menu structure Canopy Media increased the usability of The Enterprise Centre’s site and increased the reach of the information online so more people could easily find it when surfing the web.

The Enterprise Centre staff can now easily edit existing content and draft new material from scratch without the constant need for an outsourced web developer to update their information for them. With the addition of SEO friendly strategies, The Enterprise Centre is now easier to find through local and specific keyword searches.

The Feedback?

“Canopy Media took the Small Business Enterprise Centre’s vision for a website and made it a reality! The team at Canopy Media is extremely professional, creative and easy to work with. They guided us through the website building process by providing excellent direction and recommendations, and prompt feedback and responses to our questions. The Centre is very satisfied with the quality of the work, organization and customer service. We now have a website that provides our customers with significantly more information and the ability to add and update content as needed. Thank you to Canopy Media for their hard work and attention to detail!”

– Gillian Fairley . Collingwood Enterprise Centre

We’ve set The Enterprise Centre up for success so they can worry about helping businesses succeed, and not the condition or usability of their website.

Take a look at The Enterprise Centre website and judge for yourself!