The Market Meaford: The 100 Mile Grocery Store

Have you ever heard of the 100 mile rule?

It’s a simple philosophy for buying local goods and services whenever possible to reduce the ecological footprint of the things we consume. That’s what The Market Meaford is based on.

Situated on Highway 26 just outside of Meaford, Ontario, The Market Meaford sells local products, food and vegetables in an effort to support local producers and the environment.

Regional farmers, gardeners, canners, bakers, cheesemakers, apiarists and producers of all kinds have pooled their local products into a one-stop shop!

Working together with that community of producers, The Market Meaford plans to provide all their customers with nutritious, great tasting food while also helping the immediate community thrive. They’re always looking for support or feedback. Stop by or drop them a line anytime.

The Market Meaford: Needs Analysed

As usual Canopy media dove right into the project, sitting down with owner/operator Kara Wildeman to properly assess what was required. After a face-to-face meeting and an online Needs Analysis we were off to the races.

Kara and The Market Meaford needed a simple website that delivered good information to the local community as well as facilitating online purchases. Canopy Media made sure The Market Meaford got exactly what they needed to succeed.

A full listing of suppliers, some helpful recipes, solid contact info and, of course, an online store for electronic shoppers to make their local food purchases from the comfort of their own home.

Take a look at The Market Meaford website and we think you’ll agree The Market Meaford got a website that works. Contact Kara directly for some one-on-one information about the business.

Canopy Media builds websites that work. If you need a new website or an aging one reworked contact us today for your free Needs Analysis.

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