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The When, Where and Why of Pay Per Click

Can you smell that? It’s the sweet smell of online potential. Your website is starting to simmer and its aroma is pulling in new and regular visitors. You’ve generated some honest, organic leads and it’s time to start digesting solid, measurable results.

But, we know you’re still hungry.

Why not reach out for more customers? Sure, your organic online lead generation strategy is successful, but that shouldn’t stop you from reaching out and pulling in more interest to your site.

Pay per click advertising can make this happen for you. If you spend any time looking for information online, you’ve been exposed to pay per click advertising.

Using related keywords to match a potential customer’s search methods with your advertisement — and ultimately your product, service and/or website — makes sense.

When to use Pay Per Click advertising

• Right now. PPC helps drive traffic to your site, so when isn’t that a good idea? More specifically, though, PPC advertising campaigns help drive concentrated traffic to your site at a specific time. So, taking advantage of good timing is in your best interest. For example:
• Christmas — a time of high-volume spending. It’s also a time when people are online, researching gift ideas. (Of course, Christmas is about more than just consumerism, but at Canopy Media we recognize the importance of understanding increased holiday traffic online.)
• Starting up. You’ve done the work, packed your site with keywords, phrases, content and made yourself available for anyone searching anything close to what you do. Now, PPC can put you out there to tell people how you can help them.
• A quick pick-me-up. Maybe things have been slow, or you are going away on vacation. A PPC campaign can get you reaching out to potential visitors while you are away from the computer or you just need a boost in your site stats.

Why is PPC a good idea?

• It will boost sales. PPC puts you in front of people who are looking for what you offer. You can be sure customers want their online research to be efficient. By using PPC, you help potential customers find what they’re looking for more efficiently. That means more sales for you.
• Search engine visibility. Ranking high on a search page is great. And if you can manage to accomplish a high ranking without utilizing PPC, that’s great too. However, by making the most of a PPC search engine campaign your advertisement appears high-profile style, above your competitors not utilizing a PPC program.
• Free is good. If you’re still unsure if a PPC campaign is for you, many companies will offer incentives like free credits to use temporarily.

Where to start PPC campaign management?

• Google. The most popular pay per click search engine advertising program is Google AdWords. And it should be. Google is a part of everyday life in the 21st century. Your businesses should be actively involved.
• Social Media. It’s here whether we like it or not. And, if you are going to be successful online you must be successful on social media platforms too. Facebook Ads, Promoted Tweets on Twitter, and Direct Ad from LinkedIn are great places to start.
• Retargeting. It’s been said most visitors to your site won’t commit to a purchase on their first visit. By retargeting potential customers searching repeated keywords and phrases online, your brand earns a stronger presence for them.
• Related websites. This is a pretty logical idea, but worth emphasizing. Putting your name out there in your professional community — esp. on websites directly related to your business or industry — spreads the word to the right people.

Of course, these are only a few suggestions on how and why PPC campaign management can work for you. At Canopy Media we take pride in helping you understand and deliver online results through pay per click advertising.