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Using Social Media Effectively Part 2: LinkedIn

Is your business using Social Media and Linkedin correctly?

When we left you last time, we had finished up a broad overview of Facebook, it’s function and applications as far as businesses are concerned. Not all Social Medias have the same focus however. Facebook, as we mentioned before, has more of a casual, social focus, with less onus put on advertisements and sales. This is where Linkedin steps in.

We at Canopy Media feel that Linkedin is the business version of Facebook. It has similar layout, setup and usability that we’ve come to know with the other Social Media clients but Linkedin is a great place to talk ‘shop’ so to speak. We’ve broken it down for you below.


Linkedin is the business version of Facebook. It is a business-oriented social networking site that was launched in mid 2003. It’s main function is professional networking, job searches, hiring with some level of direct advertisement being commonplace, expected and even desired.

What is Linkedin?

Linkedin has a user body of over 60 million people and is growing all the time. Opposed to Facebook, direct adverts sent to connections and business contacts is expected and almost welcome as these ads often showcase services and technology useful to industry leaders. In some ways Linkedin acts as an information bazaar with services and products making noise on your news feed.

Linkedin’s Function in Social Media

Linkedin connects businesses and professionals to each other the same way Facebook connects friends and family. Small businesses use Facebook to build a fanbase and Linkedin for legitimate business contacts and avenues for growth. Together they are a powerful set of tools. All we need now is the ability to quickly shout across the internet. Twitter provides this simple yet powerful function.

Social media management has never been more important which is why we at Canopy Media have Twitter and Facebook management as part of our ALG services.

Keep watching our blog feed for more info on social media. We touched on Linkedin today and in the near future we’ll cover Twitter, the final submission in our Social Media series. Or, you can jump back to part 1 on Facebook here. We’ll showcase how small businesses can and should use Twitter for a specific purpose to grow and target specific audiences.