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Using Social Media Effectively Part 3: Twitter

Is your business using Social Media and Twitter correctly?

Using Social Media is probably much easier now that you’ve had a chance to read up on Facebook in part 1 and Linkedin in part 2 of this series on social media. Between the two business users can build a fan-base, connect with an audience, communicate with industry professionals and promote products and services as well as new and useful technologies.

All we need now is the ability to shout at our audience across the crowded room that is the international marketplace of the Internet. Thanks to Twitter we can do exactly that.


Twitter is easily the most simple of the three big social media players and quite possibly the most versatile.

What is Twitter?

Twitter is a social networking and micro-blogging service that allows users to send and read messages known as tweets. Tweets are text-based posts of up to 140 characters displayed on the author’s profile page and delivered to the author’s subscribers who are known as followers.

Twitter’s Function

Twitter bridges the gap between business and personal use due to it’s simple nature. Any and all announcements, regardless of their relationships, are posted to message feeds. No topic is taboo on this medium making it ideal for businesses to quickly connect to a massive audience. When users like what they see they can re-send or re-tweet the message or even communicate with the sender.

Think of Twitter like the paperboy of days gone by. He would stand on the street corner yelling at the top of his lungs about the important stories of the day in the hopes that someone would come and buy a copy, learning more about the issue in the process. Twitter is the contemporary version of this action. We can virtually ‘yell’ at large groups of people with the hope of temporarily carving out interested parties.

Many user have followed friends, businesses, products, tv shows, etc. With Twitter the focus is broad and the applications are the same.

Between these three social media suites, users and businesses can connect to a massive portion of the world’s population. Just be sure you use the right medium for the right function. Advertise at the wrong time, on the wrong venue to the wrong people can diminish your audience and more importantly, the value of your brand.

Social media management has never been more important which is why we at Canopy Media have added Twitter and Facebook management to our list of ALG services.

In this blog post we have covered Twitter. If this is the first article you have read in the series you can jump back to the start and learn about Facebook and Linkedin respectively.