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What is a Full-service Internet Marketing Company & Do You Need One?

Digital marketing is an incredibly difficult thing to learn if you’re used to traditional marketing. With the growing popularity and success that comes from online resources and internet searches, it’s important for your business to have some form of internet marketing that fits your goods or services. However, starting a marketing campaign on your own can be extremely difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing. This is where a full-service internet marketing company comes in.

They can provide you with a digital marketing plan and help you implement it regardless of your skill level. If you haven’t hired one before or are just unsure what these companies and agencies can provide for you, their services could surprise you in just how helpful they can be.

This is a brief summary of everything you need to know before you begin working with a full-service internet marketing company, and whether you should consider looking for one.

What Is Internet Marketing?

For absolute beginners, it’s extremely important to know what internet marketing can consist of, since most digital marketing companies will be covering a wide variety of tasks. It broadly can be described as any form of advertisement you’re doing online, primarily in order to show up in people’s Google and social media searches to show up while they’re browsing the net.

Internet marketing involves all kinds of things that fall under this category. It can include designing your website to be easier to find through search engines, ensuring your brand is present on people’s social media feeds through social media marketing, or just making sure to have as much online information available so that your target audience can find you easily.

What Is a Full-service Internet Marketing Company?

Rather than most digital marketing agencies that provide some support, full-service internet marketing companies will give you absolutely everything you need for your online content and advertising needs. This includes everything from reaching out to individual consumers and clients, making general changes to your website, and ensuring your online resources are easier to find.

The term “full service” mainly refers to how the digital agency works every digital marketing angle, rather than helping you improve a short list of specific things you are worried about in your digital marketing plan. This digital agency won’t just supply your company with email marketing structures, video and blog content, or website improvements – they’ll do all of them combined.

How Much Do Full-service Internet Marketing Companies Cost?

With any type of marketing effort, price is something that needs to be considered, especially if you’re a smaller business or company that doesn’t have much prior marketing experience. Pricing can also vary wildly between each plan you make with a given marketing agency.

For some digital marketing companies, you can often find that many offer hourly rates of $90 to $250, or monthly rates of $3500 to $10,000. Many of these companies will also offer project-based rates to help you with a single marketing service, which can usually cost a few thousand dollars per project, depending on the level of time and effort required.

That said, the only way to be sure of a given marketing company’s price is to discuss it with them personally. You can discuss what services you need and how much a plan would cost with Canopy Media through a free consultation, where you can ask any digital marketing questions you may have and start building your digital marketing strategy.

What Do Full-service Internet Marketing Companies Do?

As easy as it is to say these digital marketing companies do everything, it’s just as important to know what that can consist of. They can help you establish a full digital marketing plan from the very beginning, and it’s helpful to know what sorts of things they may suggest or request to change before you start working with one.

This is not going to be a comprehensive list, but these are many of the most common types of content and improvements that full-service internet marketing companies will help with. Sometimes, they will suggest working on all of these fronts, but others will suggest specific services to help your business or company in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Likely the most popular thing you’ll find among any type of internet or digital marketing agency is SEO, which is essentially designing your website and content to be picked up more easily by search engines like Google. SEO services involve using various keywords to improve the ability of these websites to recognize your article as a worthwhile suggestion, and they’ll put your website and business in front of more viewers.

This is important for any business with an online presence, as it makes it easy for both new and returning customers and clients to find your business online. If your SEO is poor, you may have competitors show up instead of you when people are trying to find the specific goods or services you provide, losing you business and holding back your online potential.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

For businesses that rely on their online traffic for their income through PPC, full-service digital agencies can also help ensure your marketing is solid for this style of monetization. This essentially involves your advertisements and links getting you income for users clicking on your content, both on your own site and on others where you advertise.

This service may require a more niche company, but PPC is a great thing to look into if you want to do some wider-scale advertising that ties into your income slightly more. It might not be possible for every type of business, but it’s a great option to have and consider, and one that the best full-service internet marketing companies can help you with.

Web Design

In the same category as SEO and PPC, most full-service internet marketing companies will usually want you to revise your website. Much of this is because the text on your website is the main way to implement marketing approaches like SEO, both through keyword-filled blog content and on the introductory pages of your site.

That said, these agencies also want to make sure people aren’t confused while navigating your website. No matter how much SEO helps new clients and consumers find your site, it means nothing if they find it isn’t helpful or easy to read. Full-service internet marketing companies want to improve your marketing, but they’ll also greatly help your business’ online functionality in the process.

Social Media

One of the biggest changes in the past few years of digital marketing is the emphasis on social media, from classic platforms like Facebook and Twitter to more recent ones like TikTok and Instagram. There are all sorts of ways to promote your content through these means, and a good full-service internet marketing company can often help you start building an online presence.

This can take several forms, including trying to make sponsored posts that organically appear on users’ timelines in a given area or demographic, and sending products or services to popular accounts to let them advertise to their audience. It’s a massive world that can give huge boosts to both small and large businesses, and a great thing to keep in mind if you think your company can support it.

Email And Content Marketing

The last form of internet marketing agency support that’s vital for nearly any business is content for consumers and clients to engage with. Email is one of the more traditional methods, sending out offers and reminders to help encourage prior clients to come back and new clients to try your services.

That said, there are far more types of content that full-service internet marketing companies can help you create. They may suggest adding blog content to your site to improve your SEO, or they might even help you create and advertise video content for online advertisements. Their goal is to find the best way to put your business out into the digital world, and the best type of content can differ greatly between each company or service.

Competitive Analysis

Even though similar businesses aren’t always going to seem like competitors, it’s important to know which digital marketing strategies are being used by your peers. You need to ensure you’re going to be showing up in online searches alongside and ahead of them, and you can only do that by being certain of how they’re able to succeed.

This is what competitive analysis services can provide, as it is a way for full-service internet marketing agencies to break down strategies that other businesses are using. This can not only help you keep up with their success, but it can also help you find ways to show up over the competition while giving you the ability to experiment with digital marketing to improve your site’s traffic and services.

Lead Generation

Full-service internet marketing companies can also help you with a large amount of more complex and lesser-known strategies, such as providing lead generation services. This involves a full-service package that companies like Canopy Media offer that support everything from SEO improvements to a full website redesign, all with the singular goal of converting visitors of your site to become lifetime customers.

Marketing isn’t only about getting your name out there, as it’s just as important for your viewers and visitors to become consistent clients of your services. Lead generation strategies combine all sorts of strategies that full-service internet marketing companies thrive with, and it can give you much more guaranteed results than a single marketing effort on its own.

The Best Full-service Internet Marketing Companies

Beyond knowing what full-service internet marketing companies can do for you, it’s just as important to know what these companies look like, as well as seeing the different services each one provides. There are tons of agencies that range from small teams to massive organizations, and their size and specialties can massively dictate how well they’ll work for you.

If you think you might need a full-service internet marketing company, you don’t have to simply go for the one with the highest rating. You deserve to work with one that supports you and your business with the care it deserves, and these are just a few of the companies that can do that for a wide variety of popular online and offline businesses.

Canopy Media

Canopy Media is a full-service digital marketing company that covers all kinds of internet marketing strategies with SEO and PPC services, website design support, and client-targeted approaches. With excellent client reviews and results, as well as an experienced team, they help make plans and efforts to improve digital marketing for businesses that range from dental offices to real estate and structural panel manufacturers.

Whatever your business is, their cooperative team will surely have some insight and support that they can give you to improve your digital marketing impact. You can learn more about their services through their website, or through their contact page for an introductory consultation, where they can start understanding your digital marketing needs and start building an internet marketing plan with you.


WebFX is a significantly larger company with much larger teams to handle a larger variety of clients. This means you can get a singular team to work with out of this company with great experience and structure, which can be extremely beneficial for larger businesses but also can feel more impersonal for smaller businesses that are newer to digital marketing strategies.

Nonetheless, they’re worth mentioning on account of their results and wide services, with an especially high amount of experience in e-commerce for those running online stores. They also work using premium software that you can access to view analytics, making it excellent for those who are more familiar with digital marketing terminology.

Blink Digital Consulting

If you’re looking for a single type of digital marketing service, it can help to find a clear internet marketing company that offers its services in especially clear fashion. This is something Blink Digital Consulting does greatly, as you can select from a wide variety of detailed plans that list several types of features that range from SEO and email marketing to website design and custom content.

This makes them an excellent choice if you’re more familiar with digital marketing than many average business owners, but not a larger business that has to be more cautious of its pricing. You might not have as much flexibility with them as other agencies due to their distinct plans, but they can be incredibly clear options if you want a straightforward boost to your online presence.

Do You Need a Full-service Internet Marketing Company?

If you have little-to-no experience with digital marketing, a full-service internet marketing company will absolutely benefit your business in the long run. Their experience is an incredible asset to your business and, given the massive weight that’s put on businesses to have some form of online presence, it’s vital for any type of service to have some kind of digital marketing plan and strategy.

However, if you’re more experienced in this field, there’s nothing wrong with getting a full-service internet marketing company to help find the right approach. You might be safer with more specialized internet marketing companies that focus on a single field of digital marketing and advertising, but a full-service internet marketing company can still give you a lot of help in finding which specific services are best for you.

Either way, your business is sure to grow stronger with a solid digital marketing plan. If you don’t have one, or need help implementing it further, a full-service internet marketing company is an excellent way to grow your business in this increasingly important field.