Using keyword phrases properly helps your site

What is a Keyword phrase?

The world of search engine optimization has many factors for both on page seo and off page strategies. In order to achieve high keyword rankings, you need to use both SEO factors.

In previous posts we’ve discussed both on page SEO and off page SEO.

Now it’s time to go into detail and explore each factor and where to use them.

Let’s start with the keyword phrase.

What’s in a keyword phrase?

A keyword phrase is the word, or series of words that connects a search engine to your site. It’s really the most important SEO factors of all. Virtually no SEO decision is made without taking a keyword into account.

If you wanted to sell coffee online there’s a good chance you would use a keyword phrase like ‘coffee beans’ or a variation of it. If you sell premium coffee you might use ‘specialty coffee beans’, ‘gourmet coffee beans’ or even ‘premium coffee beans’ as your keyword phrase. The point is to be direct and exact.

If your site or webpage has the keyword ‘gourmet coffee beans’ throughout your content there is the possibility you will have the opportunity to rank highly on the SERP for Google or Yahoo when someone Googles ‘gourmet coffee beans’.

Note: It’s always best to use the same keywords your potential audience is using to search an item. It’s also really important to be honest. If you sell entry-level electric guitars use ‘beginner electric guitars’ as your keyword and not something like ‘best sounding guitars’. Use the words your customers use, and be honest about your products. More about this in another post…

What is a keyword phrase: Summary

So, keywords act as an anchor for every webpage on your site. However, many webpages can be anchored to the same keyword. This is where the SEO competition starts. If a person searches ‘gourmet coffee beans’ and you have the best SEO program in place, you will rank #1 for that keyword. When you rank #1, your site earns the majority of potential clicks related to that keyword phrase.

And when it comes to ‘gourmet coffee beans’ that’s a lot of clicks (1300 global searches every month to be exact). What would you do with an extra 1000 or so visitors per month?

Keywords seem pretty important now don’t they?

Where is a keyword phrase used?

The primary keyword touches almost every other element of SEO including external links. It is used for external and internal links, and as the main identifier or ‘anchor’ as we called it before. Here’s a list of the SEO items effected by the keyword.

  • H1 to H6 (headers on your website)
  • Title
  • Body Content
  • Bold and Emphasized text
  • Photo names
  • Photo alternate text
  • Meta description

And that’s just to name a few. If your keyword is present in all of these SEO factors you’ll be easier to find than most.

Select your keyword carefully and you’ll go a long way towards getting the clicks and visits your site needs. Remember, honesty is the best keyword selection policy!

Keep watching for new posts because next time we’ll follow up with our next in-depth look at on page SEO factors.