What is browser compatibility testing?

You want your website to look the same on everyone’s computer right?

But not everyone uses the same browser. You might use Internet Explorer. We use Firefox, most of the time. Google has their own browser called Chrome. Mac users often use Safari (but it’s available for PC too…). There’s tons of other browsers most people have not even heard of,  such as Opera.

A web browser is a computer program (software). As browsers are re-programmed to run on different operating systems (i.e. Windows 7 or OSX), and are progressively improved, variations in the software can have an impact on how a webpage looks or works.

So when everyone is trying to load your website using different software, we need to make sure it looks good – no matter what software the website visitor is using. The goal is that a website can be used by the largest possible audience, with minimal variation in the user-experience: a webpage should ideally look and work the same in all web browsers. The unique challenge of achieving this goal lies in the nature of the medium itself.

That’s why we test your websites in the current version of every major browser, including IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera. It’s called browser compatibility testing.