Why we use HostPapa: Award-Winning Hosting Service

You can’t have a website without some form of hosting. Larger businesses occasionally manage this themselves, but for most of us an outsourced hosting plan is cheaper and has less headaches. Generally, it’s simply not worth it to host on your own servers.

Choosing a hosting service can be tricky. With multiple hosting services and providers operating across the globe today it’s tough to filter quality providers from nickel-and-dime operations that provide intermittent coverage.

Whatever service you choose needs to be reliable, easy-to-use while offering excellent and timely support. HostPapa meets all of these requirements and more.

Why HostPapa’s Hosting Service Works

There are many reasons why HostPapa is a leader in web hosting. Let’s take a look at a few of them here:

Reliability: If you’ve run or managed a website for any length of time then you’ve almost certainly dealt with down time. That dreadful period where your site isn’t up and running properly. Often it’s a simple line of code or a misplaced file in your database that’s causing the problem.

Downtime is bad, regardless of the cause. It forces prospective visitors to other sites, marginalizes sales and creates a bad online reputation as an amateur provider. Your hosting service should never be the reason that your site is down.

Website managers deal with enough issues without their respective hosting provider crashing continuously. It’s important to choose a hosting service with reliability. For us, that means HostPapa.

Easy-To-Use: Some of us are more technically savvy than others. Navigating user interfaces, control panels and code writing is second nature to some of us but not every online entrepreneur has the know-how to do it all themselves.

HostPapa just makes it easy with CPanel. CPanel offers a clean user interface while File Manager makes setting up your website a cinch. Creating email accounts and email forwarders is also a breeze and Fantastico Deluxe offers simple content management system installation with a few clicks.

Whether it’s your first site or your 50th, HostPapa makes sure your skill set fits the bill.

Customer Support: Even when things are straight forward we have questions. Be it a simple inquiry to a performance question HostPapa’s helpful live support is always available to handle your issue.

They don’t make you wait or read endless FAQ’s that don’t come close to your problem. They’ll get on the phone with you and talk you through your issue one-on-one. Nothing beats a live person when you’re troubleshooting and HostPapa answers the call every time.

Green Hosting: Providing superior hosting services just isn’t enough for HostPapa. Not only do they want to lead the industry in affordable hosting but they want to do their part for the future which is why they use 100% green energy.

What does that mean? HostPapa uses renewable energy to power their services. They want to host your sites but not at the expense of the environment. High business and environmental standards are important to HostPapa.

Marketing and Advertising Assistance: Once you’re up and running HostPapa doesn’t leave you twisting in the wind. They’ve put together a nice package of assistance features to help you build up your site’s traffic.

When you sign up to HostPapa’s yearly hosting plans you gain access to advertising credits, blogging tools, advertising help and search engine optimization tools. When used properly these extras can push your site’s profile through the roof.

Even social media forums and e-commerce shopping carts are available to suit your site’s needs.

And there’s even more…

HostPapa’s full list of features and services is beyond compare. Visit HostPapa today to see what a leading hosting provider looks like. Reliability and quality means never being disappointed.