WPO: Optimize Your Web Presence

You’ve likely noticed someone light up a room. What is it about that person? They way they look or act? Is it what they say or who they know? Maybe it’s how they behave? Tough questions.

But one thing is for certain, when that person is in the room everybody knows it. They’ve optimized their presence.

Is your online presence optimized?

How do you look or act? What are you saying and who are you saying it to? How do you behave? Tough questions. And again one thing is for certain. If you’re not at least trying to answer these queries, nobody will know you’re in the room.

In a world of keyword phrases, search engine trends and Google rankings, web presence optimization is the idea of combining everything you know about online visibility and maximizing it. It’s your online self — everywhere.

Don’t rank higher, take over results pages with WPO

Sure, a good SEO strategy will get your website to the top of a Google search. But a good WPO strategy will get you the entire page. You know who you are and what your business is about. By identifying your common words, phrases and ideas and consistently sharing them online repetition ensues.

If you apply the same SEO principles you used for your website to every blog comment, twitter post, profile, video (or any relevant content whatsoever) your name will eventually pop up in more places, more often.

Search results from 1 through 5 can all be yours with the proper WPO strategy.

Listen first, then talk

What are people saying? More importantly, what do you know about what they’re saying? It’s great that your voice is out there, your brand is visible. But just because your content is available doesn’t mean it matches what people are looking for.

By paying attention to online conversations, picking up on key phrases used by your customers, peers and website visitors, and by simply listening to what people are saying, you can better match up your content to the same ideas people are reaching for. Give people what they want, not what you think they want.

Spread the love

So, all of your social media accounts are optimized. Your profiles carry similar keywords and your website is jam packed with keyword phrases that are bringing the right people to your website. Now it’s time to get out there and be a part of it all.

Dive in to conversations. Offer advice. Be social. Teach your customers a thing or two. If you are good at what you do, people want to see it — they don’t want to be told about it. So give them a chance to see it in as many places as possible. If you’re authentic about it, word will spread — especially if you give it a head start.

Web presence optimization is as simple as doing what you already do in as many places as possible. Don’t just light up a room, light up every room.