Why a CMS is Best

If you’re anything like us, you’ve spent a fair amount of time wrestling with your content to make it work and look exactly how you want it to. It can be a frustrating fight — especially when you don’t have a fair amount of time to spare. This is why content management systems (CMS) arrived… Continue reading →

BigCommerce: Our Favourite E-Commerce CMS

There are many content management systems that allow you to group, organize and grow your web content. For those of us that have more specific needs, E-Commerce solutions for example, the CMS we choose needs to be able to create complex listings with limited effort. Here at Canopy Media we use BigCommerce for all of… Continue reading →

website conversion

Website Conversion is the Ultimate Goal

Window shopping is nice. It’s free. It’s pretty. There’s no pressure to buy anything. But all the window shopping in the world can’t keep business owners operating in the black. Customers do. So, if you want to convert your website window shoppers into website customers, some conversion tools are probably a good idea. What brings customers into… Continue reading →